Well as this is my first blog post, I figured I would just do sort of a introduction of myself first.  As it says in my profile I am 56, I have 4 sons, 4 beautiful grandchildren.  I was born and raised in Georgia so, yes, you could say I am very conservative and a little bit “redneck” lol.  I have a sense of humor, but not when I am having a hissy fit.  Now most of the time I am usually in a great mood, happy go lucky, love to joke around (I drive my youngest son and roommate nuts with my joking around), and I am pretty easy to get along with.  Now piss me off and I can definitely give you a ear full.  Well that is pretty much what this site is going to be for.  I won’t always be venting, I do have things I love to share that make me very happy.  I have found recently that every time I leave the house, I run into, I will use the word “dense,” people; people who can’t drive, can’t walk appropriately, can’t park right, and stuff like that.  Not even leaving the house I hear on the news, Facebook, Twitter, etc, about people who really are just flat out stupid people who want to ruin our BEAUTIFUL GREAT COUNTRY.  Now when it comes to this country, oh you bet your grits I am going to spew.  I voted for Trump, I am 100% deplorable.  I stand by my president and think so far he is doing a awesome job (will even say better than pretty much every president since I have been born).  I am very outspoken when it comes to that.  I will pretty much be voicing my opinion, YES MY OPINION, on things going on here in the US of A.  Just remember, my opinion is only mine, if i offend you, I am sorry…. NOT.  I live in a free country where I have the right to have my own opinion as do you.  I hope you enjoy my blog, I hope that you learn something at times, maybe even wake up to what is going on here.

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