Register to Vote


I cannot believe over the years the number of people that I know that are not registered to vote.  Why I ask?  Why would you not want to vote?  Is it the long lines?  Is it that you don’t have time?  Why in the world would you not want to have your voice heard?  It isn’t like you can’t register online, while getting a library card, or other ways.  It takes very little time.  Isn’t your voice and what is happening to this country worth it?  Yes I admit that lines can be a pain, but early voting is always an option and lines usually are not that long then.  Are you not interested in voting?  Do you not care about your country?  Why wouldn’t you be interested?  I mean what happens in this country, ie, taxes, insurance, anti-abortion/pro-abortion, etc all depend on our votes and can effect the future of your children and their children.  Who we vote for can speak for us as per the way we feel.  I have a huge pet peeve.  There are so many people who refuse to vote, but yet will go wave a flag (of another country mind you) or hold a sign and protest crap they hate.  My opinion is, if you stay silent when voting comes around, then you have no right to bitch and moan and cause a scene because you don’t like something that is happening in this country.  To me it is either vote or STFU.  I don’t care what you think if you are too lazy to go stand in a line to vote for what you want.  It stops there.  If you don’t care about what happens to this country in the long run, then be my guest, sit there and do whatever makes ya happy just don’t infringe on my right or get offended when I tell you to STFU if you didn’t vote, but want to open your mouth and protest loudly or riot.   You lost your right when you didn’t place your vote.  It is a powerful thing, use it or lose it 🙂

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