All My Favorite Things…..

Since you are all getting to know me, I figured I would post some lists of my favorite things.  First I will start with books/Authors.  I am going to do a list of 5 as to not take all day and night to do this lol

1.  Flannory O’Connor – A Good Man is Hard to Find
2.  Erma Bombeck – If Life Is a Bowl of Cherries, What Am I Doing in the Pits?
3.  Beatrice Sparks – Go Ask Alice
4.  Louisa May Alcott – Little Women
5.  Lonn Friend – Life on Planet Rock

I don’t real a lot anymore, I would rather watch the movie version.  I just can’t seem to keep my eyes open to read.  I started my last book a few years ago, time to time I open it and read a chapter or two, but overall I just hate reading now.  Flannory O’Connor was one I had to read in college, fell in love with her.  Erma I have loved forever, its very comical and about her family and the things they do.  Go Ask Alice I read as a teenager and read more times than I can count, same thing with Little Women.  Life on Planet Rock, my ex-husband loaned it to me.  As I talk about below, music is a big big thing to me, without it, I honestly think I would just die.  I love books about musicians and tours, etc.  This book is like a diary of this man who used to interview bands so it is about his career and the musicians he met and interviewed throughout his life.

TV Shows:
1.  This is Us
2.  Stranger Things
3.  Ozark
4.  Atypical
5.  American Horror Story

As you can tell I kind of vary on what I like in the newer things.  This is Us makes me cry, Ozark makes me sit on the edge of my seat, Atypical I just love, American Horror Story is a good ghost story, and Stranger Things, well lets say I wasn’t sure, but after the first season I was hooked.  I also watch a lot of medical shows (Station 19, Greys, Night Shift, the Resident), and lots of police and law shows (NCIS, Law and Order, etc).  I watch military shows (The Brave is awesome).

Older Shows:
1.  Parenthood
2.  Last Man Standing
3.  Freaks and Geeks
4.  That 70s Show

These shows as you can tell do not have a lot of oldies, but I will tell you I grew up on the oldies and I love and always will love them.  The Father Knows Best, Leave it to Beaver, Beverly Hillbillies, etc.  I love a series that makes me cry, I don’t know why, but somehow I connect to them.  Then I also love one that makes me laugh.  I am not really into the quirky shows (at least they are quirky to me) like Arrested Development, Big Bang, stuff like that, I just don’t get it i guess.  Guess I just can’t connect to them.

This will go to 10 and still not get them all 🙂
1.  Sleeping with the Enemy
2.  Enough
3.  Reservoir Dogs
4.  Sixteen Candles
5.  Breakfast Club
6.  Pretty in Pink
7.  The Outsiders
8.  Goonies
9.  Fast Times at Ridgemont High
10.  Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

As you can tell, I love a lot of Brat Pack movies.  I think I am able to relive my teen years in those movies.  I also love the woman coming through the abuse movies (hence Sleeping with the Enemy and Enough) as I had a lot of abuse in my life from my childhood from my brother to relationships and the wrong men).  I am not into the zombie stuff, don’t really like a lot of action movies, but love a lot of 80s movies.  I do like scary movies, but mainly more of what I consider to be realistic, more ghost story type movies.

This will also go to 10 and not get all of them 🙂
1.  Tesla – Love Song
2.  The Cure – Love Song
3.  Led Zeppelin – In the Light
4.  Phil Collins – I Wish It Would Rain Down
5.  Guns N Roses – Mr. Brownstone
6.  Frankie Goes to Hollywood – Relax
7.  Outfield – Your Love
8.  Alphaville – Forever Young
9.  The Sisters Of Mercy – This Corrosion
10.  Dire Straits – So Far Away

1.  Beatles – White Album
2.  Genesis – Foxtrot
3.  Led Zeppelin – Physical Graffiti
4.  Sixx:A.M. – Heroin Diaries
5.  Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon

It was hard to choose especially when it comes to music.  I have so many favorites and music is what gets me through hard times.  I love pretty much all types except new country (should i say pop country), rap, and anime stuff (not sure what it is called, but yuck).  My main favorites are 60s 70s and 80s rock.  I have just over the past 10 years started liking alternative and grunge but am picky.  I tend to lean towards songs that I relate to, especially at certain times when I am down, heartbroken, or sad, others when I am excited.  I am not into dance music or top 40, actually makes me cringe a little when I am somewhere and it is playing lol.  I love the classics.  I guess I relate more to the classics.

Well, I hope my lists enlightened you.  If there is anything you haven’t read, watched or listened to that I listed, hope you try them out.  Some brought me laughter, some brought back memories.  What are some of the things you like?  What would you like to know about me?  Just ask, I am a open book 🙂

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