Sports…. cost too much for me

I am not a big fan of a lot of sports.  I keep up with the Dawgs of course, but outside of that I could care less about any of it.  Well my roommate is a huge Braves fan.  Tonight she wanted to watch the game, big play off game.  Do you know how hard it is to find a live feed of the game?  OMG I think I spent damn near a hour and half trying to find a live stream only NOT to find one.  I did however find a radio station playing the game, so she is happily on the couch listening to the game now.

Seems that MBL has the game hogged to themselves.  Subscription to that is way above my budget.  I know its a money thing, but I ain’t paying for it cause I am cheap.  Yeah I said it…. CHEAP.  I can definitely find better things to spend my money on.  Well luckily she is happy with what I found, though I am sure she would rather be watching it live.  Well I hope the Braves win, but it isn’t looking good from what I saw while trying to find it.  Go Braves!!!! You can do it.

Well I am going to find something else to do while she is listening like play Yahtzee on my phone or look at Facebook and get ready for bed soon.

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