I don’t know if any of you have seen the video yet, but this is the latest Hollywood thing.  I know its not new new, but now the Hollywood libs are talking about it again.  Here is the video.  I couldn’t help but laugh through it.  I just add them all to my list of stuff I won’t watch anymore because they are in it lol, thanks for making it easier for me to decide what I want to watch.  We need a conservative TV channel.

Are they stupid?  Voter ID has been around for a very very long time.   Dems have been in and out of office for years and years.  If voter ID stopped dems from voting then how did they get voted in before?  I think I have always had to show my ID to vote.  Why should a person not have to prove they are American before being able to place a vote for our country?  We have to have a license for everything.  You want to buy beer, ID please.  Go to a bar… ID please.   Carry a gun…. ID please.  Job… ID and SS#.  Hell to even open a checking, get a credit card, and drive a car… ID ID ID.

Sad thing is, not all states actually require a ID.  You can vote if your non-citizen, you can even vote if your dead.  This to me is totally wrong.  This is and should be only Americans, if you are not an American, why should you have any say in what this country does?  I say all states should have a forced mandatory ID check for voting.

The only reason the dems want to stop the ID law is because then they can have all the illegals go vote for them, for all the broken promises, the lies, the same stuff they told blacks for years.  I am so glad blacks are waking up and walking away.  Love the #walkway that is happening right now.  The dems are losing their party, that is why they need the illegals to vote, otherwise they will lose.

Its funny, I saw a video a while back that was talking about the myth about blacks not having ID’s.  I laughed so hard at this video HERE It just goes to show that the libs will use any tactic that they can to make people thing blacks are dumb, don’t have the capabiility of getting a ID, don’t know how to do anything.   This video shows that is totally a myth.  Funny thing is that it shows that the libs are total dumbasses.

So anyway, I say tighten the voter laws, make showing ID mandatory.  If you don’t like it snowflake then go somewhere else and live.  Whats next, driving with no license?  Guess the dems got tired of going to the graveyards for their votes 🙂

Screenshot_2018-10-07 Jami Christopher on Instagram “Hillary Clinton holds a rally encouraging Democrats to vote in Novembe[...]

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