It’s a Charmed Life

Who would have thought that after the cancellation of Charmed in 2006, we would be seeing Phoebe and Paige again.  I loved that show.  Little did I know that they would be turn out to be two crazy ass women.  We all know about #metoo (I always laugh at that name “pound me too” yes it is a pound sign for those of you who don’t get it).  Now again, don’t get all feminist on me and say how can I be a woman and talk about this on another side.  Trust me, women who were REALLY raped or attacked my heart totally goes out to them.  I guess you have to be someone well known to get a movement going huh?

To me the #metoo movement might have helped blow the whistle on some really perverted sick people in Hollywood, but what really happened?  Was it rape or was it women trying to climb the ladder and instead of being rejected and turned down.  I am not saying they were all to blame for their own circumstances, but just how many of them were actually a product of “the casting couch.”  For those of you who don’t know the term it refers to a practice where men and women are awarded parts in films, plays, or other productions in return for granting sexual favors to the casting director.  Some of the women have actually admitted they did it for the part.  Trust me, I believe Harvey Weinstein is guilty to the core for using his power to get something he would have never been able to get, sex and also raping those who he actually did rape, which were quite a few mind you.  Thanks to Rose McGowan for blowing the whistle on that (she received a $100,000 settlement and was offered 1 million for her silence, but she refused).

My question is why?  Why would you not walk out the door (the ones capable of walking out)?  Why would you allow him to humiliate you like that?  Why did no one come forward then?  Don’t give me that BS about he was a man of great power and he could have ruined your career.  I am sorry but no career is worth that much and once you started coming out, it seemed like there were enough of you to stop him, what provoked you to do it now?  Did it really take a hashtag to get you all to come forward?

To me this whole #metoo thing has taken away from the real victims.  The real women of rape.  The women who were innocently at the wrong place at the wrong time.  The women who were not trying to get a better position or role.  Well now Rose McGowan is supposedly slamming the movement calling it BS and a lie, which she denies doing, then she retracted all that saying that “I’m just here to say that #MeToo is important, it’s honest, and it’s our experience. It is not a lie.”  Well what is it?  Important and honest or a big fat lie?  Is it a way to get yourself attention or a way to bring attention to rape?


Alyssa Milano is a big part of the movement, but contradicts everything saying sexism is wrong.  Well Alyssa, what about the way you have always dressed, all seductively and sexy.  What were you thinking when you dressed half naked for photo shoots.  Sexism:  prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex.  Did someone tell you that you could walk around half naked and that wouldn’t make you a sexual object.  Did someone make you dress like that?  It is women like you who made other women want to dress like that.  Little girls see these images and then what happens?  They become bulimic and anorexic because they want to be like you.  Have we not built a generation of little girls who are killing themselves to be beautiful and sexy?  Its disgusting.  Girls are not taught to be strong, but weak.  Use the sex card to get what you want.

I guess I was lucky.  I would have loved to be skinny, pretty, and sexy, but I never lowered myself to walking around half naked just to get attention.  I love food too much to starve myself.  You helped create this monster.  You are no more than a bunch of feminist, man hating, snowflakes.  You pitch tantrums and expect things to be your way.  If a man is nice to you then he must want something.  I would hate to have grown up thinking all men were pigs.

My opinion is you are not the victim.  Men aren’t the problem, women who allow(ed) men to run over them and use them are the problem.  Why do women feel the need to let society make them feel that they have to be one thing in order to get what they want?  Well the answer is simple, we let them.  Women need to learn to stand up for their rights, but at the same time stop blaming every man out there for their mistakes.  Stop dressing half naked on one hand then scream things like “don’t look at me you pig.”  I am sorry but if you put yourself out there like that then men, and everyone else, is going to look.  Clean up your act.  Not all men are rapist, sexist, and chauvinistic.  There are more good guys out there than creepy pigs.

To wrap this up, this whole situation really gets on my last nerve.  We have made most men feel like they can’t compliment us, hold a door for us, open the door for us, push in our chairs without getting slapped or accused of treating us in a chauvinistic way.  I like it when a man does that for me.  I miss the way men were years ago, when they were sweet, polite, protective, etc.  Does that make me less of a woman?  Does that make me weak?  I don’t think so.  I can take care of myself, yes.  I own a gun and I know how to use it, but mostly I don’t put myself in situations that I shouldn’t be in.  That reminds me of some advice I was told years ago by someone about putting yourself in certain situations.  I think of that all the time and try to uphold it still today.  Trust me there are a lot of situations that I put myself in long ago and I regret to this day.  I just refuse to be the victim.



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