The Invasion is Coming


So you are coming to invade the US but your carrying the flag of the country you are leaving.  Makes sense to me… NOT.  I totally understand loving your heritage, but when  your country is not taking care of you to the point you are running away from it, why are you waving that flag?  As many know there is a caravan of about 4000 coming from Honduras to the US.  They are at the Mexican border, at least last I heard.  Why?

I have no issues with immigration, but I am against illegal immigration.  I can’t afford to go to another country so I guess I should do it anyway huh?  If i were to try to immigrate somewhere else illegally I would either be locked up or killed for doing so in most countries.  Why does everyone think it is ok to just come here and do it?  and waving the flag of the country you are leaving, well that just shows me you are not serious about leaving that country and starting over, but more just coming here to use us for monetary reasons and then eventually going home.

That is not fair to this country and it’s citizens.  You are going to take our jobs for a temporary time putting hard working Americans out of work so you can support your family or country over there.  I say hell no.  Go home.  Fight for your own country.

We fought to build this country and I am sick and tired of people coming over here for a “better life” only to want to change our country into what they left.  If we wanted things like your country then we would make it that way.  That’s why America is so great.

What is a asylum?  The protection granted by a nation to someone who has left their native country as a political refugee.  These people are not running here for refugee, they are leaving for better money.   This is BS.  We cannot take everyone who is unhappy where they are, we cannot take the whole world here.  We need to take care of us and they need to learn to build a better country where they  live.  This is an invasion:  An unwelcome intrusion into another’s domain.

Like i said, I feel bad for you, but the US cannot help the world and therefore, you need to figure it out at home.  Do like America did and fight for your rights.  Don’t come over here and expect us to take care of you, give you our jobs, and feed you, insure you, and give you a new home.  If you cannot do it legally then that is not my problem.  Sorry, not sorry.


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