Bombs Awayyyyyyy


As everyone has heard bombs were delivered to several prominent dems over the past few days.  They have apprehended a man in South Florida as a suspect.  Supposedly there were Trump stickers all over his van.  The man is in  his 50s but no other information has been given.  Now maybe someone who likes Trump might be involved, who does that make it a Trump problem?  How does that make it that all of us Trumpers are bad people out to hurt or scare people?  It doesn’t.

I believe that this is a sick individual much like the guy that shot up the black church.  He has certain beliefs that are more on the Conservative side, but that does not make him one of us.  Yes we kind of group together the libtards, but the difference is, you don’t see us all protesting and attacking people while they eat, blocking buildings, and attacking police while they work.  When we do protest we are usually pretty quiet and just holding signs stating our feelings.

The dems/libs have shown us that they are willing to do anything to get what they want.  They have protested and attacked people, disrupted peoples lives, and called names.  They have hired over 4000 illegals (Soros did) to invade America to get illegals in to vote for them.  They have done almost everything in their power to get the house.

Honestly, even though they have caught a man with Trump stickers all over his van and claim he might be involved in this, my brain still tells me they are behind it, that maybe just maybe he is not a Trumper but willing to take the fall and pretend to be one, in order to take the heat off of them.

Guess I am crazy and I guess maybe a bit blind, but I really don’t think that legitimate conservatives are behind this bombing, no more than the KKK backing Trump makes him a racist.  Guess we will have to see what happens in the end when they do all their DNA testing, fingerprinting, and interviewing of people who know this man.

1 thought on “Bombs Awayyyyyyy

  1. Tim

    This isn’t over by a long shot!! Like you I believe it has deeper roots than what we will ever see. I put nothing past the demoRATS ! Our president had nothing to do with it either directly or indirectly ! They will say and do anything they can that hurts him. And us for that matter.


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