Do You Really Want to Open the Border to Illness?

So you want to allow the migrants to cross the border?  Think about this.  If your child’s school had a outbreak of chicken pox, HIV, or TB, would you send your kid to school?

It has just come to light that a lot of them are sick with the above.  But not only those 3, which are the more severe things running through there, but Baja California Health Secretary Guillermo Trejo Dozal says that 2,190 of them are diagnosed with respiratory infections.  Also they say there 101 migrants that have lice and skin infections (makes me itch just thinking about it).


I feel sorry for these people as much as anyone, but we cannot take care of our own, why would we take on more and sick people who just want to reap the benefits of what America offers as far as freebies.  What do they offer America?  Most are uneducated, unskilled, lots of children, then also all the criminals, rapist, etc, yes there are a lot of gang members there too.

I am sorry but in my opinion, we have our own problems, we do not need more problems added and we do not need illness going rampant in our country either.  I see nothing but a big debt for us if they come.  I live just above the poverty line myself, but yet I, as an American citizen, do not qualify for help, why should they come here and get help when I cant.


I say go home or go to another country that is willing to take you in, Mexico said they would, whats wrong with that?  Are you too good for Mexico?  I want to see a wall and I want people to quit coming over here and using our benefits set up for Americans, especially when you are still content on flying the flag of the country you are running away from.

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