So You Want to Welcome the Caravan?

Screenshot_2018-12-08 Moms March For America on Instagram “PRESS RELEASE --Moms Caravan Head for the Southern Border McAlle[...].png

As you know they were headed up through Texas, now headed to enter 1000 miles west through California.  Well the original area of crossing was Hidalgo, Texas.  Do you know how that community has been effected by illegals?  This is a US town that has had to change how they live because of illegals crossing over the border.   I think these women say it best… Moms Caravan Montage: Take One

I was listening to The Denise Simon Experience – 12/06/18 the second segment about 30 mins in, this morning and a woman from the Moms March USA was being interviewed about a trip they took down to Hidalgo, Texas and interviewed a lot of moms there.  She had a lot of very interesting things to say.  Actually some of it was quite scary.   She said how the schools are constantly in lock-down, how illegals hide in the bushes and jump in cars when school is let out to find a way out into our country, how they have to put auto-locks on their home doors so that the doors lock even if they go to get the mail, they have to put in codes to get back into their homes, how they have had to drain their pools because if they don’t illegals use them for baths.  They no longer have peace and quiet and security and comfort.  Those of us in the upper states don’t have to worry about this like they do.  Our children are being recruited to sell drugs and our daughters are being stolen and sold or prostituted out.  If this does not make you sick to your stomach, you must be cold and have no heart, listen to the end, very sad 😦 Moms Caravan Alma’s Story Continued

We are in the process of being invaded and I am not saying that all the people invading us are bad people, but a majority of them are.  You are thinking a lot of men, women, and children, families…. innocent as that may sound, but in reality most of these are job seekers or criminals, mostly men, here to steal our jobs, or rape or steal our children, take advantage of our benefits, or to deal drugs through the cartel.  Does that make you feel safe?  Check out this video by Ami Horowitz

We all lock our doors at night, lock our cars, protect ourselves as good as we can.  Why are we not treating our country the same way?  Why does our country border seem to be a open door welcoming illegals to come, eat, work, and share in our wealth?  Our border is exactly that, a border and should be protected with a wall. No one should be able to just walk into our HOME, and do what they want, take advantage of us because their country sucks.  I am sorry that your country sucks, but it is what you allow it to be.  Fight for it, make it the way you want, its time for you to fight back and stop running away and claiming asylum here.

We cannot take everyone, we cannot afford to take care of you, feed you, teach you, etc.  I love America.  I would fight for it in a heart beat.  Do the same at your home.  They are waving the flags of the countries they wish asylum from and they have no respect for America, we are just a way to get free things.  I want a wall, I want it now.  Our government should be protecting us not them.  I feel bad for them, but I feel worse for us.  Call me selfish, I really don’t care.  America and Americans first.  If you feel different then open your doors and welcome them, take care of them, pay for them, but don’t expect me to.  My family comes first, not theirs.  Better yet, if you feel like they should be welcomed, then how about you pack your bags and move to their country and help them build a better country for themselves.




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