Are We Demeaning Men Now?


Why are we making men into sissies?  What happened to the real man?  Why are we making it so hard for a real man to exist?   What is the world coming to?  Men can’t hold a door for women, can’t flirt, and now if your too tall, can’t even ask a woman out on a date.  It is like this country is trying to make men women and women men.  Well me, myself, have had enough.  I don’t want to date women, I want to date men.  Real men.  A man that knows how to be a man, works on cars, does repairs, builds things, and most of all knows how to treat a woman with respect but also treat her like a woman (at least how most of the women I know want to be treated).  Open the door for me, I am totally flattered.


Well if you go to University of Missouri, it is now considered sexual harassment to ask a woman out on a date if you are bigger than she is.  They say that size and gender gives a sense of power.  I would hate to think that because I am 5 feet 3 inches that a man who is 6 feet tall would have more power over me, but the difference is I don’t allow them no matter how tall they are to have more power than me.  If you are such a weak woman that you feel that a man who is taller than you is scaring you, then you have a lot of issues.

Also the consent videos that are now supposedly expected.  Really?  I need to make a video giving consent to have sex with someone should I choose to have sex is a new thing?  Well I don’t know about you but to me it kind of takes away the urge to have sex lol.  If and when I decide to have sex I like it to be spontaneous.  Things just work to that point and we both agree and its beautiful.  To me there is a difference in rape and a difference in getting down and enjoying it.  Stop making things so hard (no pun intended).


I have always had this saying, “Don’t put yourself in a situation that you might regret.”  In other words, if your a single woman and your hanging out with a bunch of drunken guys, or your drinking with a bunch of drunken guys, or your somewhere with a bunch of guys period, then you are opening yourself up to what happens.  Same thing with a married man or woman.  If you are going somewhere alone with said married man/woman alone you are opening yourself up for something to happen that you may or may not want to happen.  Pence said it himself that he would never have dinner with another woman without his wife there is a perfect example.  Regardless if something happens or not, its open for it to be said that something happened.  Why put yourself in that position.

Anyway back to the topic, the way I see it is, if i say no to a guy about taking me out and he does not take no as a answer, then he will soon find out that he shouldn’t harass me, not because I am going to complain to the school, work, or the police, but because I myself have the power to control that issue myself.  I raised 4 boys and when I say no, it means no, not maybe, not let me think about it, not give me a few days, but NO.  I used to be weak, I used to let people push me around, but I learned after years of being pushed around that I needed to take charge of my life and make my own decisions.

Quit being a victim people.  Quit letting others control what you can and can’t do.  Be a strong woman and get a real man.  Men are awesome.  I love a real man not some sissified man that might break a nail.  We want equality, so take the equality you have and do something with it, quit trying to beat up all the men.  Equality is equal not one is better than another.


Woman have come a long ways.  We used to be barefoot and pregnant and not able to vote, work, or do anything more than clean the house and make a “sammich.”  We can now work, vote, and even own a company.  Why is it not enough?  Why will these feminist bitches not be happy with what they have?  Why is it they won’t be happy till they have turned all men into sissified wimps?  I just don’t get it.  We have our equality, we have what we wanted, but seems that it isn’t enough until all men suffer that do not turn into the wimp.  I don’t want wimpy men, I want strong men.  All you feminist are doing is reversing the tables and making this country into something I do not want to be a part of.  Stop the insanity.  Appreciate men and men appreciate women.  Lets be equal in the ways that we are.


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