Are We Women, Men, or Just Aliens from Another Planet

Lately seems all you hear are arguments about men being women and women being men, and children being “allowed” to dress like the opposite sex.  Where have our morals gone?  Did anyone take biology in school?  Did you learn anything?  First of all, it’s genes, it’s chromosomes, its God and his creation.

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I really do not see what all the confusion is about.  You are either Male or Female.  Its plain and simple.  Why is it now that people can claim they are one thing and be biologically another thing and try to make the rest of the world agree with them?   Now I really could care less what you “identify” as, and you can convince yourself that you are something your not, but A.  I don’t have to agree and B.  I don’t have to treat you like you are what you say.  My opinion is that we live in a free country and you, as a adult, can believe what you want, but I also believe I have a right and the freedom to believe what I do and not have your belief shoved down my throat.

Now the problem for me is that we are now allowing our children to make those decision for themselves.  We not only allow them to make the decision, in some areas they won’t even give the child a male or female gender when it is born, it is a “theybie.”  I mean for real?  We are messing up our children.  To me that is sickening.  We are opening a can of worms that we will not soon be able to shut if we don’t shut that door now.  Why are we taking our children’s identity away from them before they even have a chance to live?  Why would we allow someone who has not lived long enough to know how to take care of themselves to make their own decision that will effect the rest of their lives?

We now have parents that are literally allowing their children to decide what sex they would like to be and then taking it a step up to allowing them to chemically change them.  We have psychiatrist out there that are helping to push that agenda and people in the government who are allowing it to happen.  This is totally ridiculous.  Then to top it off, we have people who are living as the opposite sex allowed to participate in sports on teams for the the sex they believe they are, and we are allowing them to use whatever bathroom that they choose.

This is so wrong in so many ways.  The past few weeks the news has been very interesting and disturbing at the same time.  We have Desmond is Amazing, an 11-year old boy who dresses like a girl dancing in gay clubs having money thrown at him.  We have a child in Texas whose mom says he acts like a girl with her and acts like a boy with the father, and she accuses father of abuse because he refuses to believe this.  A teacher got fired for refusing to refer to a child as his felt name.  We have boys playing on girls sports teams because they “feel” like a female.  We a man participating in Ms. Universe because he feels like a woman.  Over the past year or so we have had the ongoing battle with the bathroom issue.

Now I have never been one to say a child can’t play with whatever toys he or she wants to, boys playing with dolls, girls playing with tractors, hell I played with GI Joes when I was a kid, I worked on cars with my dad, I took boy classes at school like automechanics and metal shop, but I am 100% woman.  Did and do I enjoy those things?  Hell yeah, but at the same time I enjoy cooking, cleaning, and raising my children.   Why can’t you have all those things regardless of what sex you are?  But to say a child that likes to play with whatever toys they choose must “feel” like the opposite sex is wrong.


I think parents have no morals when it comes to raising children also.  Who would let their 100% 11-year old female daughter go into a strip club and dance around a pole and have money thrown at them?  I know I wouldn’t, but for some reason people do not seem to see a problem with a 11-year old boy who dresses like a girl going to a gay bar and doing the same thing.  Now while he is claiming to be gay, he supposedly is not transgender, from what i read he is autistic, and basically he has been allowed to do these things most of his life as far as dressing like a girl when he wants, he gets attention for it and therefore he enjoys it.  I understand that, not any different from a child who gets good attention (people laugh and say “say it again”) for saying a cuss word and they just learn that if they say it they get attention.  I  have a autistic child myself and yes we had some issues with him that were, should we say, inappropriate, things that we had to make him stop doing.  I would never praise my child when he is doing something he should not be doing just because hes “autistic.”  Acceptance is different than allowance.  To me what these parents have done to their child is the same as child abuse.

Then there is a couple in Texas who are battling in court over their child.  The mother says he is transgender, the father says no he isn’t.  The mother is claiming abuse.  This child is 6-years old.  Apparently he dresses as a girl and goes by the name of Luna at moms, but at dads, he plays with the other boys and does boy things and dresses like a boy at his house and does not ask or seem to want to dress or act like a girl.  Who is right?  I understand custody battles, this has been going on for years, but to now use this as a means to get your child or punish the other parent, it’s just wrong.  This woman has even gone so far as to put her child in school under the female name “Luna.”  He goes to a therapist who has diagnosed him with “gender dysphoria” (they even have a name for it now) and if she wins then the therapist will supposedly help the little boy transition which means puberty-blocking hormones and gender-reassignment surgery.  I am sorry but to me, that woman is the abuser.  No child should be transitioned until he or she is a adult.   The doctor and the mother should be put in prison for child abuse.

This brings me to the fact that people are so willing to accept their children being transgender that they are allowing them to take drugs to change their chemistry.  Do they know what the dangers are?  It is also coming out about how many people who have actually gone through with gender reassignment who now wish to turn back.  The drugs themselves are not good.  They are finding that the drugs are very dangerous and cause longterm effects.  A study done looked at the records of 5,000 transgender people and found a higher risk of blood clots, stroke, and heart attack for transgender women.  Transgender men on hormone therapy, however, were not found to have a higher risk.  Dr. Joseph Berger says it best, “The medical treatment of delusions, psychosis, or emotional happiness is not by surgery,”


Lets not forget the teacher in Virginia who was fired after refusing to call a little girl who was in the process of changing sexes by a preferred pronoun.  I assume as they do not give a age that they are older, possibly high school as it was a French teacher, but either way, it goes back to forcing us to say or believe what they want us to or else, in this situation, lose your job.


Now lets talk about sports. Though a person may feel they are the opposite sex, biologically they are not, therefore, in my opinion, this gives a man who thinks he is a woman a great deal of advantage over a woman when it comes to sports, especially physical strength type sports, ie, wrestling and such.  They are built different, their muscle mass is different, and most times they are stronger than women.  Why would anyone think that it is right for a physically male person to be on a women’s wrestling team?  Funny thing is that they win most times and become top of the league.  Well golly gee I wonder why?  What is really funny is that openly gay Martina Navratilova even agrees.  She says that “You can’t proclaim yourself to be a female and be able to compete against women.  There must be some standards, and having a penis and competing as a woman would not fit that standard.”  I totally agree.  Even if you claim to be a woman does not make you a woman.  You cannot have a child, you cannot feed a child, you do not have a period, you do not go through menopause, there are a lot of things that mentally being a woman keeps you from actually being a woman.  You have all these women out there wanting equality but in reality they are handing the equality thing right back over to the man.  This has to stop.


Then just last week we had the Ms. Universe Competition.  Now me myself have never been into all this hoopla with beauty and stuff, in my opinion it makes you pretty on the outside but stupid on the inside.  Personality makes a person beautiful.  But to allow a man to participate in a beauty contest with women makes no sense.  Why not have a transgender Ms. Universe if they want it so badly.  Its just stupid to me.


Now another issue that really makes me mad is the bathroom issue.  I have been anti-Target for a long time because of this one.  The solution to me has been the same as with the breastfeeding issue, make a damn bathroom that is unisex, 1 person at a time can use it, and be done with it, but to tell me that if I had a daughter and she had to go potty that there is a chance that a male who feels like a woman might just be in the next stall really pisses me off.  The breastfeeding issue was not forced but yet this one is, why?  It all goes back to what I said originally, their ideas are being shoved down our throats and we are being forced to oblige.  I refuse to.

Now as I said at the beginning, you can be whoever you want, whatever you want, hey if I wanna say that I feel like the tree outside then that’s my right, but I should not expect you to conform or believe it or call me a different name because of it.  I understand being a individual, we all have different likes and dislikes.  We all have quirks that make us who we are.  What I do not understand is how this country is trying to force people who do not believe, regardless of religious beliefs or just logical, biological, or any other belief that it is not so and can and will never be so.  Don’t tell me that I have to believe your insanity.  I believe in biology and that you are either a boy or a girl and that God does not make mistakes, he makes perfection, that we choose to become what we choose to regardless of His plan.

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