The Red Pill or the Blue One


So tonight I took the red pill.  I dove into this movie suggested to me called “The Red Pill.”  Well any of you whom have been following me, you should know that I am definitely far from a Feminist.  This movie really reiterated that to me.  This movie is about the Men’s Rights Movement.  It really opened my eyes to the issues that men have.  It hit topics like men’s health, men parenting, jobs and income, and domestic abuse.  It was about much more than that, but those are the topics I am going to focus on.  Those are the areas that hit me the hardest.  Just so you know, these men are not rapist or men who say its okay to rape, they are men who want rights, and honestly the rights they want are well deserved.


I guess we will start with health.  Men have always been the supporter, the bread winner, the one that keeps everyone afloat.  With this comes lots of stress and believe it or not a shorter lifespan.  They say that men live about 5 years less than a woman.  Is that because men don’t want to go to the doctor or because they are always so busy taking care of their families they tend to forget about themselves.  Is it the high stress that causes heart attack or stroke.  Who knows, but it is statically proven that they live less time than a woman.

Lets talk about parenting.  In most states a man has no rights when it comes to his children.  He has 2 choices, stay in a miserable relationship for his children so he can be part of his life or divorce and fight in court for the rest of his life just to see his children.  Now I know here in Georgia the courts now fight hard to do shared custody.  I have quite a few male friends who have custody of their children or shared custody.  Most states stand by the woman.  The woman will always be the better parent in the eyes of the court.  That used to be true, but the fact is that in this day and age both parents end up working so what makes one a better parent than the other?  In my situation, I have a ex-husband that was terrible, abusive, addict and alcoholic, and could care less about the kids unless it fit his purpose, while I had one ex-husband that was the best dad ever, he took that position when I stepped into a bad situation and couldn’t take care of myself much less our son.  I regret some of the choices I made, but that is one choice that I will never regret.  He raised our son on his own and did a damn good job of it.  Meanwhile I raised my oldest and the next to the oldest stayed at my parents because he was a granddaddy’s boy (still is), when the youngest was born, I woke up and got the hell out of the bad situation.


Now I can understand both sides of the equation (being the single parent and letting the father help or raise them).  I know there are a lot of women out there who would rather use the child as a bargaining tool against the husband because they love to see them suffer, but in reality they are only making the child suffer.  There are woman out there purposely getting pregnant with no intention of ever raising that child with the father or to force the man to be in the relationship for the sake of the child.  There are women out there that are getting pregnant and the father has no right to say whether he can be involved or raise the child when the mothers do not want the child.  They either abort it or give it up for adoption and the father has no voice at all in this.  There are also, believe it or not, men out there that DNA proves they aren’t the father of a child, but yet they are being forced to pay child support (example).  This is wrong.  Maybe back in the days of Father Knows best, it might have been true that the father worked and paid the bills and the mother stayed home and raised the children, but it is different today.  Both usually work and that child(ren) deserves to have both parents regardless if it is in the same house or a different house.  A man should also have the right to choose if he wants to keep a child that has his DNA regardless if the mom wants to keep it or not.  These laws need to change.  This group has tried to get laws passed that would help a man in these situations but they always get thrown out.


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Okay, lets get on with the abuse.  As I stated above, I was in a few abusive relationships.  Took me a long time to get out, but even going through what I have been through I know that it is also reversed.  This includes rape, abuse, stalking, and murder.  This is NOT a one-sided thing.  According to the NCADV website, the statistics are very close.  Women have been known to use the accusation of abuse in order to get what they want from a man or payback.  I have seen videos over the past few years of women actually videotaping themselves while they smack themselves in the face or arms (one was hitting her arm with a hammer) to make it look as if they were beaten.  Also, let’s not forget that abuse is more than physical.  My ex-husband was mentally, sexually, and physically abusive to me, and trust me, he was worse than the average abuser.  I still remember him asking me once what I wanted him to tell my children after he killed me.  I have been through the worst of it, but I would never ever say that a woman is not capable of the same thing a man is when it comes to abuse.  In fact, I would go so far as to say that a woman can be way more evil than a man can any day, especially when it comes to revenge.  So once again, I totally understand what these men are wanting.

The film also talked about jobs and income.  Well I have to say I stand kind of in the middle of that one.  I do think that income should be the same for both male and female.  If a woman is qualified to do a job and do it right then she should get paid same as a man, if she isn’t qualified then she should not get the job.  I have worked a lot of different jobs in my life.  When I was 18 I worked on a road crew and yes I worked just like the rest of them.  I have also had jobs like a waitress, cleaning houses, and my job now is a typist.

Another thing that was brought up that these men want to get rid of is affirmative action, and I will say that I agree 100%.  Why you ask, well I will tell you.  Yes affirmative action is supposed to help woman and minorities get jobs and equal pay, but in reality it has not helped me or minorities really.  I have applied for so many jobs that I did not get because I was not a minority.  To this day blacks still do not make the same as whites.  So the only thing that it has succeeded in doing is to give minorities jobs but at lower pay.  I think you should be hired not based your qualifications, not on your sex or ethnicity, it is plain and simple.


I have one more topic that was brought up sort of in passing in the movie, it is about our military.  I believe that men and women should have to enlist for a period of time.  Israel requires it.  I think that we should make it the same here.  Why not?  I think that a lot of young people now would have more respect for their country if they did.  I wish it was like that when I was younger, being older now, I see the importance of it.  I have female friends who served, they lived through it.  My daughter-in-law was in the military.  I see nothing wrong with it at all.  Besides that, maybe I would have made a lot of different choices in my life for the better if I had.

I could go on and on about this, trust me, a lot of what this girl found out filming and interviewing for “The Red Pill” hit home.  I have lived what a lot of these men are living so I know how they feel.  I feel for them and I hope that the laws soon change to make it equal for both men and women, especially when children are involved.  The laws should be changed to shared custody.  Also get rid of affirmative action and let people work because they want to and need to, not because they fit a mold.  I will never be a feminist, I hate them, I hate all they stand for, they are doing more damage for women’s rights than they are good.  Its a stupid fight that they won back in the 70s and it won’t be enough till they control the world (yes I am talking in third sense because I am not one of them).  If you have not seen this movie watch it, it will be very worth your while.



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