Its Not a Choice, Its a Child



Being born in the 60s, things were a lot different.  Fathers worked, paid the bills, and took care of the house, while mom stayed home and took care of the children, cleaning, and cooking.  Now everyone works, children go to daycare, and no one cooks.  I remember as a child my mom was always home and my dad was always working.  My mom did not go to work until we were middle school aged and even then she worked evenings and weekends when my dad was home from work.  She went to work as a full-time employee after we hit high school and worked until she retired in her late 50s or early 60s only stopping so she could take care of her parents.

Today’s children are being raised pretty much by daycare.  They seem to learn everything from them and not the parents, so the morals and such are not ones that they would get from their own parents and family.  Girls no longer seem to be able to cook and boys do not seem to know the basics of fixing things.  Now I am not saying that women need to be pregnant, barefoot, and in the kitchen and boys need to be working on cars and building things, but in all honesty, those are basics that both sexes should know.  I know both things, I am not afraid to get my hands dirty and I love a clean house.


The biggest thing to me is the moral part though.  Sex to be quite specific.  Our kids are being taught at too young of a age about things like sex, abortion, sex change, sexual orientation and they are being taught these things by someone other than the parents.  I was listening to the radio last night, can’t remember which show, but they played a audio of a chat between a few women and some young girls.  This talk was about abortion.  Lets just say that the conversation was not one I would have had with my child had I had a daughter.  One of the girls said she had learned about abortion in the 5th grade.  I mean seriously?  The 5th grade?  I was still playing with barbie dolls in the 5th grade, hell didn’t even know what sex was then.  We should be teaching our own children, not someone else with different morals and values than us.


The thing that really irritated me is that they were telling these girls about abortion as if it were just a everyday thing.  The girls did ask some very interesting questions.  One asked “were you reckless?”  “did you use contraception?”  “did the condom break?”  That told me that they were not just thinking it was normal to just go have sex whenever with whoever, but that some responsibility lays on the woman.  The thing that really pissed me off was that one of the women, when asked about abortion and how it happens literally said “they stick this tube inside you and they just suck the pregnancy out.”  Really?  They just suck it out of you like a blood clot and yay its all done, no more pregnancy, now I can go back to what I was doing before it so rudely interrupted my daily routine.  I don’t know about you, but there is a lot more to an abortion than just sucking the pregnancy out.


When I was in college I  had to write a speech for my communications class.  I of course chose abortion.  I dug deep to get the information.  I had a lot of graphic pics, videos, and other things to support my case.  I went to Planned Parenthood to talk to them and see what their view was and if they had anything to help me as far as information.

I found this video, this very disturbing video, very eye opening video.  This video was called “The Silent Scream.”  Now it is a old video, I am thinking 70s probably, could be earlier.  This video shows a actual sonogram as they are doing an abortion.  It is very very disturbing, not meant for children to watch, but very informative.  The name of the video is exactly as is shown in the video, a silent scream from a baby that is being ripped apart limb by limb.  You can actually see the baby running from the probe and its mouth opening as if to scream out or cry.  This rocked me to my core, I can never forget this video and wish everyone was required to watch it and listen to the heart beat before having an abortion.

There are some states that require you to listen to the baby’s heartbeat and see a ultrasound before being allowed to abort said baby, but not many and there is legislation going around that is trying to do away with it all together.  I myself think that it should be enforced in all states.  If you can kill a baby after watching and listening to that, then I really do not know what to say.

I also had pictures of buckets with dead fetuses in them.  Talk about disgusting.  This is a very interesting story here.  There are even babies that survive the abortion, though do not live very long here.  My honest opinion is we should have to see these things to make a logical, educated decision before being allowed to abort a baby.  Maybe if they used this education in sex education we would not have such a promiscuous bunch of people who look at sex as a way to get off, but more of what the consequences are of such behavior.  Now I am not saying sex before marriage makes you a bad person, a slut, or anything else, but I am saying that you should be made aware of what your actions cause cause and what the possible outcome is of your decision should you have a “accident” and what your choices thereafter are.

All these feminist say today is how it is their body and they should be able to make up their own mind as to what to do when they are pregnant.  We my opinion is, yes it is your body, which is built to procreate and make life by God, therefore, it is not just YOUR body, it is also the creation which is inside of YOUR body and that means it is no longer YOUR decision how to deal with it.


There are so many other ways to deal.  Adoption is a good one.  Also the fathers (which goes back to my Red Pill post), why not let them also have a voice in this as it is a part of them.  Also, what about abstinence.  If you are not ready to have a baby, raise a baby, or put it up for adoption, then keep your damn legs together.  Don’t have sex.  I think it sucks that they have some stupid rule about hysterectomies and tubes being tied, whereas if you have not had so many children or are not having a physical problem which would give reason to have a hysterectomy or tubes tied, then they prefer not to perform them.  I think if you know that you do not want child ever in your life then go get yourself fixed, to me it is way better than all the abortions out there.  I also feel that if you have an abortion, then you come for another one, at that point they should sterilize you.  Abortion is NOT birth control.  If you cannot control your sexual urges, then get fixed so you don’t have to worry about it.

Anyway, I am 100% anti-abortion.  I think we should teach our children better ways to deal with things and quit making it sound like its just having a tooth pulled or something.  It is not.  It is killing a unborn human being, a baby, a living thing.  It has a heart beat just like you.  Quit desensitizing everyone to death.  It is not normal to see it, experience it, and feel that its just another day.  Choose Life.


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