Dear Democrats, We Want a Wall


I am so tired of the Democrats rejecting the proposed plan for the wall.  They have excuses that just do not add up to me, especially if you are supposed to be working for American Citizens.  They are, in my opinion, working for the illegals.  They will give money to other countries, countries who hate America and burn our flag.  They will help illegals and protect them.  They will take care of everyone but Americans.  We have our Veterans who are homeless, do not get the medical attention they need, make them wait forever to get things they need.  They kill thousands of unborn babies, but they cry for the illegal children that aren’t even on US Soil.  I want a wall and here are my reasons why.

First lets talk about disease.  Most of these countries are underdeveloped or not as up on the disease prevention situation as America.  We got control over things like TB, Polio, and measles a long time ago.  Yes there are still cases, but has it risen?  In Mexico TB is an average of 27 cases per 100,000 people.  Illegals are not screened before entering our country, therefore we do not know what diseases they may carry.  We also have the issue of, per say, TB, which is highly contagious.  Illegals are less likely to go to a doctor for  a few reasons:  Money, time off work, and fear of being deported; therefore, them not going to the doctor means that there is a higher chance of the disease being spread as it just gets worse and worse.  If we could stop illegals from coming over (I know it is not possible to stop ALL of them, they will and do find ways) then we could at least reduce the amount of sick people here.  They are coming with not just contagious things we have controlled for years through immunization and containment, but they also have other things like lice and other types of flu’s and upper respiratory illnesses.


Lets talk about drugs.  Now I know with or without Mexico or other countries we have and probably always will have a drug problem.  We have a bad drug problem from legal prescription drugs in our country also, doctors giving pain killers, opioids, and some psychotropic drugs when not needed, which needs to be dealt with also, but I also know that a lot of the illegal-type drugs are coming from there.  There is heroin (tripled since 2009), meth (quadrupled since 2014), mainly a lot of cocaine and marijuana.  Now I will go ahead and say this, I believe marijuana should be legalized, it is actually a very helpful drug when it comes to health issues (way better than the drugs I mentioned above for pain and some psych issues but that is another blog).  Since 2012, more traffickers have been caught at the borders, but this has increased from 364,768 to close to 500,000 in 2014.  I know that a wall will not 100% stop this, but I honestly believe it will deter it better.

Now lets talk about the citizens who live right on the border, the ones that are effected day in and day out by this.  As I mentioned in another blog, these people have to put extra protection on their homes, they have to deal with finding dead bodies, trash just dumped everywhere as immigrants flow through their property; rape, murder, etc.  These people literally put auto-locks on their doors, if they go to get the mail, the door locked behind them and they use a special code to open it when they return.  They fear for their lives each time they leave their homes.  Why would or should anyone have to live like this?


Now jobs.  I understand everyone say how most of them do the jobs that most Americans won’t do, but look at it this way.  These places that are hiring them are paying them next to nothing.  Yes it is more than they would make at home, but its still way less than Americans expect to be paid with the cost of living, etc.  I feel that anyone who is caught hiring illegals should be prosecuted, given so many opportunities and then possibly to the point of losing their businesses if they continue to do it.

You hear the democrats crying about the poor children, the children dying while trying to come here.  Do they think about whether or not the children should be drug on a long 1000s of mile trip?  The 2 deaths that I heard about both were sick before entering the US, in fact 1 of them never even entered, neither was our fault.  I think that a wall will make think not want to take that chance and therefore they will not put their children through what they do, either a long hard trip on foot or however, with no water, food, or sleeping facilities, and no sending them with perverted coyotes who really end up taking the children and selling them to pedophiles or raping them and killing them.  Sex trafficking is on the rise, not just our children being taken and sold, but the ones that the parents send up thinking they are giving them a better life, where instead they just handed the people who are stealing all our children what they wanted.

The next subject is more of things that I think should be changed to control our situation as it is right now.  These are things that in my opinion will make them not want to come here because it will take away the reasons they have to come here in the first place.

First, the 14th Amendment needs to be amended or changed.  “The 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, ratified in 1868, granted citizenship to all persons born or naturalized in the United States—including former slaves—and guaranteed all citizens “equal protection of the laws.”  The original meaning had nothing to do with immigrants, at the time we really didn’t have what we could call illegal immigrants.  It happened when slavery was abolished to make the slaves legal American citizens.   I honestly think that it should be changed now or quite possibly repealed.  I believe that if you are born in the US, at least 1 parent should be a US citizen to make a baby an American.  Birthright citizenship only pulls illegal immigration in because in most chances they will not deport a baby’s parents, which also gives them the right to be here with their child.  If they changed that it might take away just one more reason for illegals to want to come here.


Next lets talk about sanctuary cities and states.  This has to stop.  If the governors, mayors and whoever else will not stop this act then they should be prosecuted also.  They are doing the same thing as aiding and abetting criminals (yes I am calling them criminals because they are breaking the law being here).  If we were to do this, hide someone who broke the law, we would also suffer the consequences of our actions.  I know as I did, I had 3 years probation for hindering the apprehension of a criminal back in the 1980s because I knew something and did not come forward with it.  I also spend a weekend in jail and I was about 7 or 8 months pregnant at the time.  Why should the citizens of the US get punished for what our government gets away with?  The same rules should apply to them as does us.

We need to change our legal immigration laws.  We should only accept people who are able to work, who have skills, who will help our country and who want to live here and assimilate to US citizens now change the US.  They should have jobs already lined up with legitimate companies who are willing to host them (I know most other countries require that).  We need a better system to check employees and their immigration statuses, something like E-verify and do better background checks.  We need to be a lot more selective than we are now.  We need to have a speedy system to deport all that are caught quickly, no long drawn out court dates, etc.  People who are here on visas, we need a system to handle them also.  Some kind of system where we can find them and send them home if they do not update their status and visa.

Lots of countries have walls, why shouldn’t we?  Even the Vatican has one, but yet Democrats say it is immoral.  Its call protection.  If it so bad why do most of you have one around your homes?  Why shouldn’t we be allowed the same protection you get around your homes democrats?

Now I know I sound like a cold hearted person, but sometimes you just have to be.  The amount of money illegals cost us is high, it is only growing higher.  We really need to get some better control over it.  I love America and I want it to flourish not drown in debt because of people who are not even citizens, who want to take take take while giving nothing back.  We are losing things that the government initially did to protect US citizens and we have all paid into them throughout the years, but because the government is too busy taking care of illegals when they should be protecting us from losing what was ours to begin with.  Our free health, Medicaid (which is another blog also), was set up for our needy, our children from underprivileged families, and people who cannot work because they have life threatening illnesses, people who are retired and need assistance, but instead we are slowly being drained of the capability of even helping ourselves anymore because of all the illegals whose children (who become US citizens by birth) are getting it because the parents work cash under the table and then send money home to Mexico.  We cannot save the whole world, we are almost to the point of not taking care of ourselves.  Its time to put US first and everyone else second.  I voted for the wall, I want the wall, we, America, needs the wall.  Lets do what we can to get that wall.  Stop illegal immigration as good as we can.

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