Are You Triggered Yet?


Trump Derangement Syndrome, MAGA hats, Trump shirts, two genders only, guns, masculinity, Pro-Life, or just being a conservative white person who happened to vote for Trump., those seem to trigger them faster than anything.  They want everything banned from McD Happy Meal toys to being non-gender, toy guns.  They hate Chick-fil-a and In-N-Out Burger because of their Christian beliefs.  Of course they hate GUNS GUNS GUNS.

Is Trump Derangement Syndrome real?  I think it is BS myself.  I mean come one, if anyone should have had a derangement syndrome it is the conservatives the whole time LoseBama was in office.  I was not happy, he single handedly tried to screw the United States.  All Trump is trying to do is Make America Great Again.  He cares about us, he loves this country, he wants to protect us, get us jobs, and make us happy.  What is there to be deranged about?  I guess they would rather be slaves to the government and living free, free insurance, and let someone else foot the bill.


Trump shirts make you mad?  MAGA Hats?  Get a damn life.  I mean really?  This crap New York pulled with abortion makes me mad, but do I act like a complete idiot, scream and yell, attack people, cry about it.  Am I going to pitch a fit when someone comes into a store  or room where I am and they happen to have on a Obama shirt or hat?  Its called freedom of speech.  I am allowed to wear any damn thing I want to including a MAGA hat or Trump shirt.  If you don’t like it then look the other way, go to the other side of the store, but don’t tell me I can’t wear it because God forbid it might just offend you.  I really got a kick out of the vape shop video BTW, and that he got fired, which is what should happen when you are supposed to be doing your damn job and not worrying about what I am wearing.


Excuse me sir, I mean ma’am, have I triggered you yet?  Take your 100,000 genders and go back to school.  Pay attention in science class.  There are ONLY two genders and no matter how much surgery you have, you will always be what you are on the inside, so STOP trying to force me to call you what you THINK you are cause your NOT.  Quit trying to use the bathroom of your choice, your just a pervert trying to look at little children, yup I just called you a pedophile.  You have a mental condition, you need some serious help, please go to the nearest psychiatric hospital and get some help.  It isn’t my fault you aren’t masculine enough to be the man you were born with or not feminine enough to be the woman you were born as.  Men try shooting a gun and stay out of the makeup and women try putting on a little makeup, maybe you will feel better.  Now don’t get me wrong, I could care less about who you have sex with, that is totally your business, but at the same time, I don’t want to see it, not from you, not from a straight couple, keep that shit in your bedroom, no PDA for me.

Are you offended by toys in a Happy Meal?  Maybe you should go get a damn job then and eat a Big Mac.  Those are meant for children anyway and I am pretty sure after raising kids that they really don’t give a damn whats in there, it’s free and it’s a damn toy.  As a child I loved both toys, did not matter who it was meant for, GI Joes, hey that’s cool, I will get my Barbies and play with them all.  And toy guns, OMG, they turn kids into killers.  Really?  I played with guns as a child, hmmm, last check I haven’t killed a damn soul.  Kids are capable of playing with toys no matter what gender they are “intended” for.  Quit trying to make your kids into a gay or transgender kid by forcing them to believe there are thousands of genders and quit teaching them that being offended is wrong and they should cry about it.  Your raising a bunch of sissies.  I was raised with the quote, “Don’t cry over split milk,” you are whining over stupid BS and need to get a life and grow up.


Democrats love to protest.  Don’t like the fact that a restaurant is Christian based, hey lets go protest it.  Don’t believe in the 2nd amendment or guns, lets go protest gun shows and shops.  Why can’t you just not go eat where you don’t like the beliefs (I know that is hard because Chick-fil-a is awesome and I heard In-N-Out Burger is too), too bad too sad, if you just can’t stomach eating there then go without, but don’t expect them to change their policies and politics or religious beliefs.  You have a choice eat there or not.  If you don’t like guns then don’t get one, but I have the right and I am going to own one, I will also go shoot it at the range.


It is to the point where a person cannot go anywhere without “offending” or “triggering” someone.  I should not have to worry about what I am wearing and whether or not I might offend you.  People not getting service because they love Trump, people asked to leave gyms because of what they are wearing and asked not to wear it again there.  I am offended by stuff every day.  The New York law on abortion that just passed, just abortion in general offends me.  The bathroom issue, I don’t shop Target and never will again.  The femi-nazi’s that are taking being a woman way too far.  The way that our government is running the United States into the ground, I voted the way I wanted to and that I all I can do.  I don’t get triggered, I don’t have a hissy fit in public, I won’t ask you to leave if you are wearing a Obama shirt or something else that offends me, I won’t call the police because you as a person offend me.  I will simply look the other way, walk away, pretend your not there, and then come home and blog about you on here.


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