Who Was Doc Thompson?


I can’t tell you who Doc was, as I honestly believe he was different for everyone.  I can only tell you who he was to me.  Unlike a lot of you, I started listening late, I was not around at the beginning of his career, but I have been listening to him for a few years.  I came to find Doc while following the Conservative Cartel, which I found through Tomi Lahren, but I can tell you that when I found him, no other morning show would do what he did for me.  In fact between Docs morning show and the Cartel my whole political view went from straight up Conservative to more like Conservative Libertarian, something that apparently I already was, but they helped me see that I wasn’t really what I thought I was.


What can I say about Doc?  These are the things that I know.  I know he was a family man, he has a beautiful wife Yuna Lee, who is from South Korea, whom he actually went there to ask for her family’s blessing before marrying her.  I know that he has 3 beautiful children, Tiger, Cubby, and Wythe.  I know that he is from from Ohio, but who was Doc to me?


Doc was one of a kind.  He was funny, while at the same time being serious.  He was very logical.  He was heartfelt.  He was truthful, emotional, and caring.  He was very sarcastic and as some would say snarky.  I woke up to his show every morning for several years, starting at the Blaze, then following him over to MoJo50 (which was his own project).  Listening to him in the mornings made my day start out laughing while at the same time knowing important things that were going on in the world.  If you could listen and not be laughing your ass off, well lets say you probably need some counseling, he was that funny.  I love his storytelling, the way his voice changes at various times, from low soft loving caring voice up to a high pitched voice, then to a deep growling voice.  He was a full package on the radio.  He self described himself as, “I’m just like John Stewart, except with very different views, and I host a radio show not TV, and I’m not rich, nor from New York. Okay, that was a really bad comparison! Don’t print that!”


Throughout my time of listening to him he introduced several others, he had several co-host, some of whom I wasn’t around for like Skip Lacomb, but was for Kris Cruz, and lastly Brad Staggs.  He hosted the 2017 Snowflake awards with Tomi.  After the Blaze, he started Mojo50, where he brought in a lot of awesome talented talk shows.  There is something for everyone, some of whom I have listened to, some of whom I have not (yet).  Does not matter what type of host you want to hear, there is something that reflected that on Mojo50.  The thing that I most love is that this whole Mojo thing is way more than just radio, it is a great big sarcastic happy family and not just the hosts, but the listeners (Jackholes) who are always included in the shows.


I know a lot of people cannot understand why the listeners had such a meltdown when Doc passed the other day, and I honestly do not know that I can really explain it to you, I will try my best.  He brought us into his show daily, as do most of the other host on MoJo50.  #whatilearnedtoday is our little trademark to say things throughout the show, they read them on air, they communicate with us through that, but that grew even bigger when they moved over to MeWe and we have our own chat room, they read our chat and comments throughout the show.  It is our way of talking to them without actually calling in.  This brought us closer to the show and to the hosts and made us a part of it.  There is a gathering of Jackholes being planned, it is a yearly thing, so that we can all meet the host, tour the studio, meet other Jackholes, it is called Mojo-Con, I think this is the second one.


I have met so many people through Doc and the show.  People who I can related to, people I can talk to, not only politically, but about life in general.  We are like a big happy family.  We share our bad news, good news, jokes, and anger with each other, so it should be easy to understand that we all cried, became emotional, while at the same time joking (which is what Doc would have wanted us to do) when he passed.  He taught us how to laugh at the most inappropriate times about the most inappropriate things.  For the past week we have all been going up and down throughout this emotional rollercoster.  We all practically shut down, couldn’t function, couldn’t work, couldn’t do anything but cry the first day, by the second day we cried and then laughed, and we still are as of today, in fact I keep tearing up throughout writing this, while I am listening to some of the shows days before Doc was stopped by Amtrak (sorry for the joke but if you were a Jackhole you would totally get it).


Well this is about all I can really say.  Doc was way more than just a radio talk show host.  He was very caring, not just about America, but about everyone.  He helped small businesses grow, had so much respect for veterans, he was a protester, he loved his family, and he brought us all together daily with his show and built a awesome family at MoJo.  He will be remembered everyday as we talk about him, listen to old clips, old shows, look at old videos.  We will not let him go away, his job is not done here.  We know you are up there watching us and laughing your ass off at us as we rehash memories of you and make new jokes.  You will make us laugh for years to come, but you will also make us cry.  I think I speak for myself and all the other Jackholes when I say how much we miss you and how much we all honor and respect you and love you.   Sic semper tyrannis, goodnight Steve Cannon where ever you are.


4 thoughts on “Who Was Doc Thompson?

  1. Joetta Herrick

    This totally said exactly what I’ve been feeling since the news came of his death! He was one of a kind!!! Started listening in 2013 when Skip was with him. I laughed, cried and was angry right along with him many a morning. It just seems hard to imagine how my mornings will be without him being a part. Never have talked with him but like so many have said guy ou just felt like you knew him. When I found out he was gone I cried like a baby.
    But the one thing I do know after listening to several of the shows on Mojo 5.0 is that Doc and the guys he worked with set this platform up with some very talented personalities and I am so thankful that his dream and legacy will go on and because of Doc I will be there to cheer each and everyone of you on! I have no doubt that you will make him proud!!


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