Whose Offended Today?


Do you suffer from “Trump derangement syndrome?”  Do you need your safe space?  Well I say grow up.  I grew up in the day when you said what you want and moved on, sorry if it offends you but hey you’ll live.  Why is it now in the 2019s that people literally go nuts when they hear or see something that offends them?  I don’t mean something worth going nuts over, like starving veterans, child abuse, abuse in general, or homelessness, but stupid shit that has to do with the differences in beliefs.


Lets talk about some of these offenses.  Back in the days it was okay to buy a bumper sticker representing who you voted for, place it on your car, no worries.  No need to worry about your car being vandalized or maybe even some road rage.  Put a Trump sticker on your car now your libel to be run off the road or hell even killed.  Why?  Its a difference in choices.  I choose Donald Trump as my President, you choose Hillary or Bernie.  Its 8 years, face it accept it and move on.  I had to tolerate 8 years of Obama, but yet you did not hear of people dying because they voted for him.  He destroyed this country but yet we did the adult thing, we voted, we tried to protect our country as well as we could, but we did not run people off the road, pull guns on them, or just flat out beat them for it.

How about owning a gun or supporting guns.  We are all murderers because of the fact that we support the 2nd Amendment.  Sorry people but I own a gun, my gun has never killed anyone, nor have I.  I am not supporting murder, robbery, or rape.  In fact, I feel if you owned a gun those things would not happen.  The more people that own a gun, the less criminals would think about robbing or murdering out of fear that they would get killed themselves.   You want to take my guns, your going to have to kill me first.

Why are people so offended by Christianity now?  This country was basically built on it.  What makes Christianity so bad?  Oh yeah, it contradicts your right to be a man or woman, or hell even a damn tree.  It contradicts your right to kill a baby because you fucked up.  Keep your damn legs together and use your damn head, hell give a blowjob and swallow, but to kill a innocent baby because your a fuck up and don’t give a shit, well that is not the baby’s fault.  Your wanting to have an abortion is offensive to me, but hey you do not see me attacking you for your choice.  Funny how most of you will feel sorry for a Muslim but yet they hate you if your not Muslim, they want to kill you, don’t see you being offended by that though.  Might better jump off a building before they throw you off.


You can’t even joke about anything anymore, everyone is offended.  OMG cry me a farkin river.  Blonde jokes, fat jokes, mama jokes, mexican jokes, black jokes, white jokes, its all offensive to someone, but it has been for all my life and it always will be, difference is back years ago we just laughed (or not) and moved on, we didn’t have a tantrum and cry about it or beat someone up.  It was funny then and is still funny, you just don’t get the damn joke stupid (go ask someone to explain it to you).

When is the last time you were looking at clothes and thought, “hmmmm I might better not buy that because I might offend someone?”  I never did years ago, but now maybe we should, you might not be able to buy groceries wearing it because someone is going to cry and pitch a fit and have you kicked out.  Working out in a gym wearing a Trump shirt, don’t do it, someone will hate you for it and get you in trouble.  Don’t wear a red hat much less one that says MAGA on it, someone will accuse you of being a racist murdering asshole and the news will run with it and ruin your life.  Don’t carry any bleach around and a noose, and please don’t yell “Its MAGA country,” oh wait, that will land you in jail for filing a false report.


I have a lot of conservative views, does that offend you?  I am so sorry my conservatism gives me morals, at least more morals than you.  Don’t hate me because I’m right.  I believe in you having the freedom to think what you think, be what you want to be, and do what you want and I won’t do a thing to you for doing it, I just don’t want to see it on every TV show or news program out there.  I don’t like PDA either, I really couldn’t care less if your gay, straight, or a tree, I don’t want to see it, but do I attack you when your sucking on each others faces?  No.  I bitch about it on here lol

So what things offend you?  Do you jump up and down and cry, scream, hit someone, try to kill them?  I am offended every single day.  I get offended by shows, comics, people out in public, drivers, etc.  Grow up people, we live in America, it is our freedom to like and dislike what we choose to without infringing on what you like or dislike.  There is enough room for all of us.  Stop being offended.

this says it best, got it here:

“You’ll offend someone if you like Donald Trump, but you’ll also offend someone if you hate Donald Trump.

You’ll offend someone if you’re a feminist, but also offend someone if you’re not a feminist.

You’ll offend someone if you’re a vegan, but also offend someone if you’re not a vegan.

You’ll offend someone by assuming gender roles, like, paying for the meal, making the meal, corporate jobs versus manual labor jobs, and who wears “the pants” in the household.

You can offend someone if you don’t assume these things.”

Do we not have enough other more serious things to be offended by.  Our country is falling apart.  We have starving people, homeless people, physically ill people who are being totally ignored by our offensiveness.  That should offend you more than anything.  It totally offends me that our government cares more about illegals than our starving homeless Vets.  These people gave up their lives to protect us but get nothing in return for what they did.  We have children being stolen right underneath our noses and being put out in child pornography or child sex, but yet you care more about the children in other countries.  We are Americans we should care about our children, they are our future.  This breaks my heart to hear it.  What about the homeless people, families sleeping in cars.  We should be helping them before helping families that come over here illegally and get our money.  These homeless Americans should get help not them.

I honestly believe our priorities are gone out the window.  We no longer care about our own, but care about others, illegals specifically.  While you are crying because someone wore a Trump hat, a child is crying somewhere because it is hungry.  I say take your offended attitude and shove it up your dignity.  Help your own before you cry about others.  Maybe you should go there and help them and quit crying about a President who is trying to make this country great and trying to help those who need help here, in America.  Now if i did not offend you enough, please let me know, I will try harder next time.



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