And the Award Goes to…. Jussie Smollett


We all heard about the horrible racist crime against actor Jussie Smollett, then we heard about the real story behind it.  Sadly this is not the first time this has happened that someone has done something against themselves to point the blame at someone else.  It happens probably daily by unknown people, ex-wives/ex-husbands, children against parents, rape accusations, and I am sure I could keep going but well you get the jist of it.  Why would someone do this?  What is the motive behind such things?  What is the gain?


Lets break this down step by step.  January 22, Jussie claims to get a threatening letter about his homosexuality and includes a white powder, later found to be pain medication.  January 29, at around 2 a.m. he was supposedly attacked by 2 men with mask, carrying bleach, and a noose, yelling “this is MAGA country.”  Okay, my logic went out the window at that point, did yours?  He had gone to subway at 2 am in horrible weather and 2 men wearing MAGA hats just happened to know this and got the bleach and noose ready to attack him…. hmmm.  I just couldn’t allow myself to believe that crap.

To top this all off, he went to some place, not sure if it was home or someone else’s home, but regardless, he waits a few hours before contacting the police about said incident and supposedly didn’t even realize there was a noose around his neck, all the while with bleach (or some other substance) on his body, mind you if this was really bleach it would have been burning like a mofo.  A few hours later, I think it was his manager, called the police and reported the said crime.  The police look for video surveillance video of the said crime, ask him for his phone (he said he was on the phone when the attack occurred) to which he refused to turn over his phone, that is totally a act of guilt in my opinion, I mean you want them to catch them but you are standing in the way of the investigation.


February 14, two men are in custody, but who are these two men, are they white, are they Trump supporters as he claimed?  No they aren’t, they are in fact, they are Nigerian brothers Ola and Abel Osundairo, one of which was a costar or guest start on Empire, the other Jussie’s gym coach.  By the 15 these two “persons of interest” were released based on “new evidence.”   What was that evidence you ask?  Police started suspecting that Jussie created this whole incidence, and by the 20th he becomes a suspect.  At that point, Jussie is charged with felony disorderly conduct.  Apparently he paid these two men to attack him.  Meanwhile he still maintains his innocence.  By the 21st, what does he do?  Well he turns himself in, meanwhile he has wasted time and effort of the police department and tax payer money.


Meanwhile all these people who came to his rescue tweeting various things about how horrible this crime is, how it just proves MAGA and Trump people are nothing more than racist, killers, and haters.  This will not be tolerated.  What happened when they found out the whole thing was a hoax?  Well what they do best, they deleted their tweets (guess they don’t know that once it hits the internet its there for life).


So why is it when Judge Kavanaugh was accused of rape, no one jumped on the Twitter bandwagon for him, why was he guilty til proven innocent, but yet Jussie created this whole thing and everyone jumped on the poor Jussie Twitterwagon?  Because he was black, gay, and a liberal.  You see, liberals can do anything they want, accuse anyone they want, ruin as many lives as they want and get away with it because not only do they praise their own, but the media also backs them.


Did you hear about the Jewish men attacked in January?  On the 29th (same night as Jussie’s attack) a Jewish man was beaten by three men, two weeks before that a 19-year old Jewish man was attacked.  In December, a 16-year old Jewish teen was put in the hospital, beaten by bullies.  If you read the tweets by the mainstream talking about how bad what happened to Jussie was, then why were these three attacks not covered at all, why did Jussie’s hoax get so much attention?  Because they were just three unknown Jewish Americans who were attacked and not worthy of the same attention as Jussie.


Why aren’t Trump supporters that are beaten and attacked almost daily not getting any time on the news?  Well I will tell you why… If the news covered all the hate crime going on against Trump supporters, they would have to admit that the hate is on the left side, not the right.  That Trump supporters are not instigating attacks on blacks, gays, illegals, or anyone else, we mind our own business and bitch about it in a normal adult way (like on here).  We do what we are supposed to do, we go out and vote, we make our voice heard, we peacefully protest, but we do not infringe on anyone else’s right to do the same.  We do not physically hurt people who do not feel the same as us.  I have had so many people delete me because of my political views but have yet to delete one person for being a Bernie or Hillary supporter, anti-gun, pro-abortion, etc., that is their right.

I do not understand why we are the ones that are accused of being haters, being abusive to others, being racist.  I couldn’t care less what sex you are, what sex you sleep with, what color you are, where you are from, anything else about you, its your right to make those choices for yourself.  But to blame me for your issues and to lie and be deceitful to act as if I or someone else attacked, raped, or tried to kill you just to get more attention for your cause, that is just wrong.  Honestly I think it is time we punish people who are doing these things.  There are too many people out there throwing accusations around and nothing happens to them.  It is time to set an example and hold them up to the laws.  It is time for Time and Punishment for those who break the law, no matter who you are.


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