Are Gun Free Zones Really Safe?


The Gun-Free School Zones Act (GFSZA) is an act prohibiting any unauthorized individual from knowingly possessing a loaded or unsecured firearm at a place that the individual knows is a school zone.  This was introduced by former VP Joe Biden in 1990, signed by President George Bush and was intended to prevent mass shootings in schools.  Did it work?  How many school shootings since 1990?  According to the Crime Prevention Research Center, “gun free zones” seem to be the target of more than 98% of all mass shootings, hence the name “soft targets,” meaning no one has a gun, come shoot us, in my opinion.  So how many mass shootings have occurred since 1990?


One of the largest to date is the Las Vegas shooting, October 1, 2017, was a gun free zone.  Now the fact that the shooter was not seen, was up high in a hotel window, that might not have done any good, but it was still a gun free zone and had 58 killed, 546 injured (more if you include suicide later down the road from said victims).  On June 12, 2016, Orlando, Florida, Pulse nightclub was victim to a shooting, 49 people killed and 53 wounded.  After that Florida actually did the opposite of most, they tried to pass bills that would allow concealed carry by permitted people in areas such as schools, airports, etc, in hopes it would deter attacks.  From what I can tell those bills were not passed and you still cannot carry concealed in those areas.

Aurora Theater in Colorado, June 20, 2012, 12 killed, 70 injured, was also a gun free zone, this theater was one of the only theaters in Colorado to have a gun free zone.  Virginia Tech massacre, April 16, 2007, 32 killed, another gun free zone. Columbine High School massacre, April 20, 1999, 13 killed, 24 injured, gun free zone.  In fact since 1990 there have been about 13 school shootings alone, all gun free zones and numerous bar and church shootings.  Why do people think that gun free zones make a person safe?


I lived in a little town about 20 years ago, Kennesaw, Georgia.  In this city they had a must own a gun law.  I never felt safer.  I could leave my doors unlocked, never worried about a thing there.  The cops were so bored they would get you for driving issues, DUI, domestic violence, but there was no real crime there.  Even the liquor stores had guns behind the counter.  If you lived within the city limits of Kennesaw you were pretty much safe.  Now I used to hear crap about the FedEx shooting in Kennesaw, which happened April 29, 2014 where people try to say that since Kennesaw has law requiring ownership of guns why did this happen.  Well for one thing, it was just outside of the city limits, literally right across the line, therefore there was no law to own a gun, if there were, they would have had to have guns in there.

This law was passed in response to a law passed in Morton Grove, Illinois, which has since been repealed.  The funny thing is the law in Kennesaw was never really enforced, but for criminals it worked because they did not know who was armed and who wasn’t and to be quite honest, there are a lot of guns in Kennesaw.  Would you want to try to rob someone there not knowing whether they were following the law and had a gun in their home waiting on you?  I know I wouldn’t.  There has been 1 murder in the city of Kennesaw in the last probably 10 years.  There is a very interesting article written about the town here, it states that the town was fixing to be a city where neighbors handled disputes with each other by having shoot out, they were very wrong.


Dent ‘Wildman’ Myers was the lead on this law and getting it passed.  He owns a little civil war store there with history and he carries at least 2 on holsters, one in each boot, and maybe a knife or 2 and is not one to mess with.  He is a quirky man that is loved and hated by all, but he is harmless, that is unless you cross him.

So why are people so afraid of gun safe zones and owning and shooting guns.  My opinion is if you train yourself, there are shooting schools all around here in Georgia, you learn how to protect yourself, you use your gun only for practice at safe areas, learn to clean your guns, and prepare yourself appropriately, guns are totally safe.  I would not want to go anywhere that my gun was not allowed either.  I feel that if they say no guns allowed then you are a sitting duck for anyone who feels the need to shoot that place up and I refuse to put myself in that situation.  By saying no guns allowed you are advertising “hey there are no guns allowed here, criminals only, come and shoot us.”  I totally believe in our Second Amendment and right to bear arms.  I believe we all have the right to that.  The police are so busy that respond times are usually long and I refuse to hide in a closet while someone is invading my home.  Uphold our Second Amendment and learn to protect yourself and quit trying to take my right to protect myself away from me, besides it might just be you that needs protecting some day and wouldn’t you want someone to be able to?


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