What Is Mojocon 2019?


I did this thing over the past weekend.  I went to Texas to hang out with a bunch of “strangers” that I had never met before.  Why would I do such a thing you ask, well why not?  The people I am referring to are people I have been “hanging out” with online in a chat for a particular radio station that we all listen to.  Over the past year, give or take, I have gotten to know some of these people.  We have a lot of the same views politically, religiously, and morally.  These people I am referring to are all Jackholes and Jillholes.  We all live across America and were brought together by an awesome man named Doc Thompson.  He did a talk show for a station called Mojo50.  Sadly, he passed away in February.  So, what did I do while in Texas and how was my experience?

I first must thank someone; he knows who he is.  He is an awesome man, whom I had not yet met face-to-face, but wears his heart on his sleeve.  He makes me laugh a lot.  If it were not for him, I would not have gotten to enjoy this time in Texas.  He got me there and made sure I was taken care of.  You know who you are and you know that I greatly appreciate what you did for me so that I could enjoy this awesome time.   I also need to thank another person whom took me into his cabin and made sure I was safe and comfortable.  You both are awesome, love you both.


This was my first experience there.  I loved getting to meet so many people I hung out with online in this chat room and occasionally on Skype.  I was not sure what to expect, this was the second one and being my first time, it was so exciting to see the studio and meet the hosts and all the other fans.  I got to sit in the studio while they were airing the shows.  There was a lot of food and alcohol, oh and let’s don’t forget the APR coffee.  We laughed and cried together, but overall, we enjoyed sharing our experiences of Doc with each other.  We are like a big happy family; it was kind of like having a family reunion but meeting for the first time.

I asked for others that were there and their experiences.  Some of them had been before, some of them not.  I will paraphrase what each person said about their experiences there and we will keep the identity private as “what happens at MojoCon, stays at MojoCon” 🙂

“In short, I met up with the group at Mi Cocina for the meet and greet and everyone was amazing.  I loved meeting the Jackhole Nation, hugging their necks, and I wished we could have had more time together.  The details are not as important as much as appreciating the amazing family that Doc created.  Looking forward to next year.”


“What was MojoCon2019 for me?  In a way it was like the best parts of a family reunion. Bringing together the ones you love, from afar, to laugh be jovial, etc., it was in some ways as well, an induction of my wife into the world that is Jackhole Nation.  Kind of like how a teen brings their date home to meet the family.  Overall, it was exactly what I was expecting.  Meeting the listeners, the family we have built, and allowing us all to heal a little more.”

“Ok here we go… MojoCon was an eye-opening experience for me…not in the sense of what goes on at a radio station, although that was cool.  I didn’t learn anything about Doc I didn’t already know.  I didn’t get starstruck by meeting people I watch on TV every day. It was a chance for me to reaffirm some things I already knew about myself and taught me things I didn’t know.  I felt the fear…of traveling, of meeting strangers, of being in a big city, of being completely real about who I am, about eating baby sea animals…and did it anyway.  I’m so glad I did.”


“It was awesome overall.  Thursday & Friday at the studios was GREAT, so much fun.  Loved getting to meet everyone face to face that I’ve spent my mornings with online for almost a decade.  It was kinda funny, it’s who are you when a new face would walk in & they’d say their name & it was no who are you on Twitter or MeWe?  And then when they’d say that name… The realization IT’S YOU.  My only ughhhhhh was there pub crawl that I didn’t get to go on…. I didn’t know where or when it started and my voice was gone with my throat hurting so while I could complain nobody texted or called me, vice versa I didn’t text or call anyone either… I was in pain breathing, I didn’t think I yelled that much Friday, but apparently… I did.  My only improvement for next year would be if there’s another pub crawl a designated meeting place clearly noted with the time to be there…  So at least at the start everyone knows, I’d have probably shown up since afterwards I found it was like lunch time when it started, my voice was still really raw, but I’d have loved to be there.  There’s also some other stuff that may come out later. let’s just say Jackholes will be Jackholes…But the best part of EVERYTHING was how welcoming & open everyone at the studio was to all of us, to be able to walk into the studio while brad was on air and sit on the couch if there was room or stand next to someone by a mic, it was awesome because they knew we respected them and they showed us that same respect, to be able to walk in and jump on a mic and be a part of the show, not okay go in quietly sit down off camera on the couch and stay quiet…  They welcomed us, they included us, they truly treated us as equals just like they do every day.  I can’t wait till next year it’s gonna be so much better & more fun…  And I’m thinking I’ll be at the KOA next year, for the daily after con party.”


“I think the best and most memorable moment at MojoCon was when we first got to the Mexican restaurant on day one.  Everyone was so nice and so happy to see us, getting to hug and see everyone in person was truly a wonderful experience.  The second was sitting down with Cows, you and Jillian and then mama, and getting to know each other on a deeper, more tangible level.  An incredibly enriching experience.  Then of course spending time in the studio, that is so cool that they opened their doors to us all.  Such a humble group of broadcasters.”

“I went to Texas to meet friends that are closer than some family, set up a camp to bring people a place to gather, got hugs from gals AND guys. Seen the studios and the great folks there, got to broadcast our show from Doc’s dream, teared up a little and smiled at the folks around me, drank to docs honor, fellowshiped with awesome folks.”


“The best part of MojoCon was meeting all of the amazing Jackholes and Jillholes (except that one guy and one girl).  I have become closer to this group of people than most of my own family.  My favorite times were sitting around at the campground cracking each other up and discussing the things in our society that piss us off.  I also had a great time having a cigar and a couple beers at Paladin Cigars with a small group of folks.  It was also really cool to get invited into the studio to take part in the recording of Off Track. The Mojo crew were gracious hosts and very welcoming.  It was overall a fantastic time and I look forward to next year.”

“Steven and I flew to Texas. My first big flight, first trip to Texas, first time meeting the majority of the Jackholes and MOJO5.0, along with first trip away from kids in almost 9 years let alone 4 days. I was rather anxious and shy, figuring unless I got time alone with Steven, I wouldn’t enjoy it at all. Meeting Laurie D, Timmy, Mable & James, Chet, Rator and Larky within the first hour made me think it might be okay. Really got to know everyone over the next few days and got to feeling like they were family. It was worthwhile and thankful to have gone to MojoCon and gained a family of wonderful people, whom I otherwise might never had met. Thank you Doc for the dream you started that we are all a part of and thank you Ron and Brad for continuing it and for meeting you both.”


Well overall, as you can tell, most people had a great time and felt as though it was a family reunion of sorts.  Yes, there were flaws in it, but as this goes along year after year, those flaws will become less and less, and we will eventually get it together how to do things.  Overall, past the flaws, it was an awesome time had by all, next year will only be better.  I cannot wait till then.  I totally feel closer to the people I have become closer to over the past year, I hope they feel the same about me.  I know for me, it was totally getting to meet my awesome extended family, meet some other cool people that I may not have met online yet, and got to get a better feeling of who Doc was and what his dream was.  I hope more of you go next year, I hope that it is bigger and better than this year.  I hope to see all of you next year.  It will always be about Doc and the appreciation we feel that he somehow brought all these people together as one big happy family.  We love you Doc Thompson, we miss you so much, we will always celebrate your dream, legacy, and all that you did for us and still do everyday.  Sic Semper Tyrannis!!



4 thoughts on “What Is Mojocon 2019?

  1. Janet Laird

    I ordered Doc,s memory pillow for my sister and I ❤️ We will treasure it and his sayings, plus his handsome picture, rest in peace my cousin 💞


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