Free Money? Sorry Not for You


If you are illegal and in the United States, what exactly are you going to get?  Well I have been doing some research on this and apparently the answer is more than citizens when it comes to taxes.  What else are they entitled to?  Foodstamps, Medicaid, jobs, housing?  Well lets see.  As you can tell above, yes legal citizens are also using them, but there are more illegals than legals, it has doubled what it would be if only citizens were on welfare.

Obama passed a Amnesty bill back when he was in office. Obama’s Bill would allow parents illegally residing in the U.S. for at least five years, and who also have children who are citizens or legal permanent residents, to remain in the country for up to three years without the threat of deportation, if they register and pass a background check.  If they meet the requirements, they would also be given work authorization for the three-year period and would be able to get a Social Security number.  Yes a social security card.  When you have a SS card, that also entitles you to “file taxes.”  You have children you are allowed to claim them and also get the “earned income tax credit” for low income families.  Did they pay in?  Most likely not, a lot of the time they are working for cash money, therefore not claiming all income.  Also, a lot of times they live in a house with several families.

Screenshot_2019-05-25 EITC Income Limits Maximum Credit Amounts Next Year Internal Revenue Service(1)

To me this should only be for legal citizens of the United States.  This cost us a lot of extra money and how much of that they get back are they sending back home?  What about Foodstamps and Medicaid?  Well as most of you know, even if you are not a citizen, just have a bunch of kids, you can get a nice amount of Foodstamps.  Medicaid might be a bit trickier, but the kids that they spit out are eligible, even if they aren’t.  Low-income undocumented immigrants are also eligible for the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC), which provides food and infant formula assistance, as well as nutritional and immunization assessments.

Lets talk about the money that thru are sending home.  How much do you think it is? One billion? Five Billion?  How about $120 billion last year since 2009, and as per the scale below, it is more and more each year.  Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador all said that natives in the United States sent over $17 billion home last year.  Shouldn’t we tax this money?  I say yes.  That money could go towards a lot of various things that we are being drained of as we speak.  Consider also that most of that money is made tax free, cash under the table.  So basically they are making money here, paying no taxes, and sending that money home to their families and we get nothing in return.

I, myself, am sick of seeing our jobs taken (this includes outsourced work to other countries, another blog coming soon), our resources for OUR citizens being used and abused by people who have no rights to use them, our future retirement being drained and already so low that barely any American can retire on it.  We should be taking care of our own, not others, then after we are taken care of, especially our homeless veterans, then and only then should we help other countries.  Build the wall, stop illegals from walking across our border, take away any reason for them to want to come here.  No more jobs, start literally shutting down businesses caught hiring illegals.  Tax any money being sent out of the country, make it enough to make them not do it.  No more children born to illegals being American Citizens, most countries do not allow it, why do we?  If at least one parent is not a legal citizen then the children should not be either.  Stop the insanity.  US FIRST.


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