If I Were President


I know we have all said this, but I decided to share my thoughts on this.  What all would you do if you were president?  I might not hit all the hot topics, but I am going to talk about the ones that really piss me off.  Starting with illegal immigration and immigration in general, sending companies off to other countries and hiring in other countries to do things for Americans, i.e. customer service, tech support, etc, and a few other things.

Lets start with illegal immigration.  I would do exactly what President Trump is already trying to do, BUILD A DAMN WALL, and then like he is also doing, TAX THE HELL OUT OF MEXICO.  We are in dire need of this.  It needs to stop.  We have diseases that we have had under control for years creeping back into our country.  TB is on a rise, as per Centers for Immigration Studies, “ICE health officials have been notified of 236 confirmed or probable cases of mumps among detainees in 51 facilities in the past 12 months, compared to no cases detected between January 2016 and February 2018. Last year, 423 detainees were determined to have influenza and 461 to have chicken pox. All three diseases are largely preventable by vaccine.”  This is dangerous and should be stopped before we have another epidemic.

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I would also put a high tax on any money being wired out of the United States to Mexico and South America, to the point where it is no worth it to send it.  Most work under the table and do not pay any taxes, in my opinion they owe us this money anyway.  I would also go after places that are hiring illegals, quit fining them, shut them down.  I think if the threat of losing their livelihood and business and not just paying a little fine would make them think twice about hiring illegals.

Another thing is high taxes and tariffs on any businesses that hires outside of the United States or move their businesses outside of America.  I would force them to hire Americans or legal immigrants.  These people are paying next to nothing in other countries, pretty much same as child labor, which is why child labor laws were made, back years ago.  It should be illegal in those countries also, but it isn’t, so we are not helping other countries in the long run allowing them to continue to hire for next to nothing slaving people for their product.


The Fourteen Amendment would be changed.  We need to do away with birthright citizenship.  The reason for the 14th Amendment was to make slaves and their children legal citizens of the US.  As of right now there are about 30 countries in the world that allow birthright citizenship, most of those are in South America.  Most European countries require this.  If we stopped allowing people to just come over and have a baby and that baby becomes a American citizen, then it would take a lot of the reasons for coming illegally.  This cost the US a lot of money, as stated in my last blog, as the baby ends up on government assistance and it also gives the parents a right to be here, even though they came here illegally.

I know President Trump has tried to get rid of DACA, but that is another thing that needs to go.  Illegal is illegal, no matter if you came out of your own will or not.  The parents and children brought here are still here illegally and getting benefits that were meant for Americans and therefore need to go.


Term limits should be made and enforced.  It is ridiculous that a hardworking man in his 60s, health, strong, and sensible should be forced into retirement, where we have people in the senate that are 20 years past normal retirement that are allowed to continue working.  It is ridiculous that people can come in and not do what they promised and continue working.  Therefore I say term limits just like the president.  They should be allowed two 4 year terms, then they have to go and someone new comes in.  That is the only possible way to “drain the swamp.”  They just sit there and collect a paycheck and do not do a thing to help the citizens of their country, namely the citizens that voted them in to begin with.

Term limits will help America trust the government a little more, these people will be trying to do what they said in the time they have as opposed to sitting there drawing a check laughing at us.  The reason we have a term limit on the president is to keep from becoming a dictatorship, does that not apply to the senate also, because from where I am sitting, they ARE a dictatorship in themselves.  It brings in fresh ideas.  Helps remove people who do not do their jobs.  There is no threat that they will lose their job, therefore they can sit there and do the bare minimum without threat of being removed.


Give back the states the rights they used to have, stop trying to control everything everywhere.  If it is not in the constitution, then states should have the right to make their own laws.  Get out of parents business, let people raise their children the way they want to.  Let us teach our children the way we want to.  Focus on National issues like immigration, taxes, and jobs.  Go back to separation of church and state, stop harassing Christians and trying to force them to do things that are against their beliefs, stop allowing people to come to the United States and not assimilate and trying to force their religion and beliefs on us, you want to be American then act like it or go home.  No Sharia Law, it goes completely against our constitution.

Well this is a list, there are lots of other things, but these are my main issues.  I am tired of seeing our country be destroyed from the inside out.  I am tired of seeing the senate and house block our President from doing the things he promised to do because they want to see him fail.  We see what he is trying to do, we also see who is stopping him.  We see and hear what they (the left) wants done, which is against most of our beliefs.  I could care less if you are gay, I could care less if you think your a tree, what I do care about if my country trying to force me to stand behind you on it.  I also believe in the constitution, I believe in guns, I believe in life, something of which most of the left seems to have forgotten and wants gone.  We cannot left this happen to our country.  We most of all need to stop letting them control us.  So my question is, what would you do if you were president?


4 thoughts on “If I Were President

  1. D. Eckhardt

    I would do everything you stated and more. I would also change the work rules for government employees. I would take away all the stupid union rules that make it almost impossible to fire them for a cause. If they don’t do the job they were hired for regardless of reason GOODBYE.
    I would also change the penalties for many crimes. Kill a cop you get a choice, bullet or needle, federal law enforceable in all states. Also, NO state can interfere in any way the enforcement of any federal law. Yes, this includes immigration laws.
    The other buttons that have been pushed are our representatives exempting themselves from laws they pass. This should be an amendment to the constitution. NO more, when they pass a law it is the same for EVERYONE, NO exceptions. And when it comes to lifetime benefits after just one term, no more. They get to pay into and receive SSA checks just like the rest of us. If it’s good enough for us, it’s good enough for them. This also includes ALL Gov. workers. Everyone on the same program Medicare included. I could go on, but this will explode enough heads to start with.

    1. Ain't You A Peach Post author

      Agree 100%, this was just a list of what I could think of at the time, but yes, those are def things that I would change, whats good for the average American should also be good for everyone, no matter what your position is.


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