It’s All in the Way You Say It


As many of ya’ll know, I have had this blog since September of 2018, I have now made a show/podcast based on this blog.  Yes, I had a show previous to this of which was originally going to be named Ain’t You a Peach, but got talked into naming it something different when I decided to bring in a co-host, therefore, the name was as they wanted it to be.  I have regrets on that now, have ended the show, and have gone back to naming it after my blog as originally planned, with no co-host, but with a lot of backlash from certain parties.  There were some nasty things said last night after my first show and today’s blog is in response to that.

As some of ya’ll know and a lot of ya’ll may not know, a certain unnamed person has presented themselves back into MeWe after the destruction they left behind after MojoCon last year.  Now I do not have a issue with that in itself, it is a free country, but when said person is personally doing things that they know is pissing off certain people, it leads one to believe that they are not back for good reasons.  For a few months several of us have been patiently waiting on the destruction to begin again.  As of right now there are only a few of us that are being singled out by the destruction, they know who they are, and I am one of them. Well, I’ll be…..


I had a few choices of which I made right off the bat when said person returned, my choice was to not engage, ignore, let it go, I also stayed out of MeWe if at all possible when said people were there.  Then said person and her new sidekick (who also had a dis-liken to said person after all hell broke loose originally, also unnamed), started attacking other friends of mine who felt the same as me, just let it go, don’t engage, walk away.  Well, there comes a point in time where things just go to hell in a hand-basket and it all gets on your last nerve.  So far that has happened a few times with a few people, and me, who have really tried.

Comes my new show and my original idea and naming the show what I wanted to name it originally, there were some nasty comments posted after last nights premiere show.  I have heard how nice it was of me to name my show after some low hanging fruit in MeWe.  Well I can say this to both of ya’ll (yeah I know ya’ll are reading this), don’t flatter yourselves, everything is not about ya’ll.  Then I heard some other crap that was an attack on me personally.  I was told that the other unnamed person and I stopped the show because of “creative differences,” I believe the words were, “I’m creative and she…..different.”  Now wait a cotton pickin’ minute.  I might not be as creative, as entertaining, as well versed, as well of a communicator (yes she said that to me that I have no communication skills) as some people, but I do not believe that I am completely boring either.


Lets talk about the “creative differences.”  Now I am not saying that she did not once in a blue moon come up with something good to talk about that interested me also, but it was in a month of Sundays and the rest of the time I just got through the show as best I could and let it go, I must say those were the longest hours ever.  I prefer to talk about constitutional stuff, guns, freedom, politics, and current issues, things that make ya go huh, not unsolved mysteries, smoking weed, and/or my childhood to adulthood story (yes I do talk about certain issues with my life, but not in one complete show).  We clashed, total different views and morals.  I tolerated those things as long as I could. I lost my excitement to do the show anymore and it felt like a struggle just to get through it.

Ya’ll know the saying, “you don’t really know someone till you live with them,” well let me just say, you also do not know someone until you do a show with them.  I am not just talking about who the person is, but also their mannerism, how they converse, how they talk about things that are interesting (or need to be talked about), not about topics like myself or how high I might be, I do not think as highly of myself as she apparently thinks of herself.  I ended the show because I was not happy with the person I was doing the show with (she was a good person then), she changed when she started hanging out with the low hanging fruit and things were just getting worse.  You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

Well with having these feelings and the friendshi”t” between the fruit and my co-host, things were really stinking to high heavens.  It was like trying to get along with someone who had a chip on their shoulder because I refused to like or tolerate her low hanging fruits ass.  I tried to make it work, but when my name was brought up in a argument with someone else about how someone supposedly handled shit with me by hanging up on me (she failed to say she texted me back shortly after saying she had calmed down and could we please talk again and on that conversation we agreed to disagree and let it go), I was at a point of being madder than a wet hen and fit to be tied.  I said, “what in tarnation…?” and at that point, the show as we knew it was over.


So anyway, this is to help people understand the commotion going on in the chats now, why some people are just out to get shit started, and how the division is upon us as to who likes who, who doesn’t like who, and why.  I am not in any way shape or form telling any of you who you can or cannot talk to or hang out with, that is not my place, but at the same time I reserve to make the choice as to who I choose to hang out with, do a show with, or associate with.  I am not saying anyone has to make a choice, whatever suits your fancy, we all have to live with our choices.  For now, with my new show and going solo, I can honestly say that Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise the show will go on.

I hope all you fine people out there understand what I am trying to say here, did we have differences, yes.  Did someone cross a line, yes.  It was not me and I stood my ground.  I am sorry that it happened, but with friends like that, who needs enemies.  So I am going to wrap this up.  I hope you all accept my sincerest apologies and will continue to follow me with my new show, and to the low hanging fruit and her sidekick, well ain’t you a peach.


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