To the Haters Club

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This is to all you Melania Trump haters out there. I have never in my 58 years seen so many people hate on someone who has never done anything to you.  In the time President Trump has been in office, Melania has been the butt of all jokes.  Last night’s speech was beautiful, but the left has done nothing but try to make her look like a common slut.  Cardi B even went so far as to post old pictures of her naked.  I am sick of this shit as in my eyes, whatever Melania did when she was younger is not who she is now.  Maybe we should all go post old pictures of Cardi humping on that pole, oh wait, she has no embarrassment as to who she was at one time, guess that is because she has not changed, shes still the same ole scank she has been her whole life.

Lets talk a minute about who Cardi B is.  She was saying that she used to drug and rob men, reminiscing about the time when she worked as a stripper — a time when, she said, “I’d drug ni**as up and I’d rob them.”  Now she should be really proud of that (from what I understand she was a sex worker also).  She calls herself a hustler, to me a hustler is someone who basically screws over people to get what she wants (or in her words, what she deserves).  She is able to speak English, somewhat good, but chooses to speak Ebonics.  And while throwing stones at Melania for nude photos, the ones I saw were classy, not trashy, these trashy ones are floating around the internet of Cardi B here.

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Lets see what we know about Melania.

She is Slovenian-American (born in Novo Mesto and grew up in Sevnica in Yugoslav republic of Slovenia), a former model, businesswoman, and the current first lady of the United States.  she moved to New York in 1996.  She was a model with Irene Marie Models and Trump Model Management.  In 2001, she became a permanent citizen of the United States. and obtained U.S. citizenship in 2006.  As she said in her speech last night, it was a dream to come to America and become and American citizen.

Her accomplishments are:
She was runner-up in the Jana Magazine “Look of the Year” contest, held in Ljubljana, which promised its top three contestants an international modeling contract.
In 2010, she launched her own line of jewelry called Melania Timepieces and Jewelry, these were presented on QVC.
Melania Skin Care Collection, sold in high-end department stores, according to a financial filing in 2016, her businesses brought in between $15,000 and $50,000 in royalties that year.
On May 7, 2018, Trump formally started the Be Best public awareness campaign, which focused on well-being for youth and advocated against cyber-bullying and drug use.
She is a polyglot, speaks six different languages, her native Slovenian, and she speaks English, French, Italian, Serbian, and German.
She became a model at the age of 16 and has appeared in several popular magazines during her modeling days, including Sports Illustrated, Vanity Fair, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and GQ.

She is the only FLOTUS who grew up in a Communist country, when Slovenia was part of Yugoslavia.  Though money was tight for many people in the small town of Sevnica, people who knew her back then say she was “always very fancy” and “never wore anything from the store.”

She is the second first lady, after Louisa Adams, born outside the United States, the first one to be a naturalized citizen and the first whose native language is not English.

She knows her American History and she loves and respects it, she is very intelligent.

While listening to her speech last night, I could not help thinking of Jacqueline Kennedy, as she reminds me a lot of her.  They both were Catholics and so eloquent in the way they moved and spoke, the way the upgraded the look of the White House (remember when Jacqueline Kennedy remodeled a lot of the White House). The White House staff adores her, apparently she is very interactive with them and thoughtful.  She is beautiful, kind, and soft spoken, She does not like being the center of attention, unlike some of the other first ladies.  She is very busy, but stays in the background doing all that she does.Screenshot_2020-08-26 200612-melania-trump-mc-1430_67afd32b361355f09d070a0ce0fa381f jpg (JPEG Image, 2500 × 1666 pixels) - [...]

So why does everyone hate her.  Is it just because she is married to President Trump?  Is it because she is beautiful and smart?  From what I can tell, other than a few nudes that were taken during her modeling career, she is a very nice person.  I am sick of the left attacking anyone and everyone involved in the Trump presidency without significant cause.  They need to stop throwing stones and look at their own history.  I am sure that everyone has done things that they are not proud of, but it isn’t about that, it is about where you go, what you become, how you treat people, what is in your heart.  If you insists on throwing stones, you should really go look in the mirror and see where your own faults are and quit kicking this woman who has grown into the loving, caring, responsible woman that she is now.  Quit hating because you are not her.  As for Cardi B, don’t be hating on her because you will never be her.  As far as the left goes, Melania has more love for this country being a immigrant than most of you have being born here.  Go learn some history, learn from other people’s history, communism and socialism are not a good thing, it does not work, and we do not want it for our beautiful nation.

I love my country, I love my President, and I love my First Lady



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