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How Can We Co-exist Without Humanity?

I was approached by a friend the other day who asked me a question.  He asked me what was my take on “how important humanity is to the world and the earth.”  Well after giving this a lot of thought, I decided to write what I could on it.  First of all, lets tackle what exactly is “humanity?”  Dictionary gave a definition of: the human race; human beings collectively.  So now how to answer my view about how we, the people, fit into this huge round ball we call earth.

When I think of humanity, what comes to my mind is how we treat each other.  Are we compassionate with each other?  Do we try to lend a helping hand to people who need help?  Do we care about things around us, including things happening on this world we live on?  Now while I do not believe in “climate change” I do believe there are things that we should do to help sustain, to help feed us, to help the animals that also share this world with us.  I believe as far as climate change that the world goes through cycles.  I remember as a child it was a lot colder, we actually had all 4 seasons instead of like now where its either cold or hot.  Do I think that is permanent?  Hell no.  I think the earth’s rotation determines how cold or hot it is.  It has been scientifically proven that we have had ice ages since the original big ice age, but they were not as drastic as that one was, apparently one happens every so many years, we just do not notice because it isn’t as bad as the big one was.  Do I think that farting cows are going to do us in some day? Nope.  I think this whole thing is something that the left is trying to use as a tool to get more voters.

When I think about humanity and the world, I think that we need more compassion, we need to help people.  Does that include people who just do not want to help themselves?  Call me selfish, but honestly you get what you give.  You do not want to help anyone but yourself then hell no I do not want to help you.  I was watching TV the other night, “The Good Doctor,” and on the episode there was a guy, he saw a girl being attacked and he decided to help her.  In the end the guy helped the girl, but at the same time lost half his face, basically his whole jaw was shattered by the aggressor.  The guy did not lose his sense of humor, even after being told that he may never speak again, may never eat again, instead he laughed and said (on a white board of course) he needed to lose weight anyway.  When asked why he did what he did, he said someone had to do it.  That is humanity to me.  You see someone being hurt, you see someone in trouble, and no matter what, you step up and try to save them.

What would happen if all humanity stopped doing things like that?  Would the world fall apart?  Honestly, in my opinion, I think that it would be everyone for themselves, kind of like anarchy, a dog eat dog kind of world.  For this world to sustained goes way further than just treating the world right, it also goes as far as taking care of animals that cannot help themselves, plants that need help growing, and people who need help to survive.  We have to have a heart, we have to have some type of compassion for the other people who are also just trying to get through the day.  We have to love our fellow human.  When we stop loving each other, stop trying to understand each other, stop trying to give a hand to those who need it, this world will eventually die, at least as we know it.
I see nothing wrong with volunteering to help others, there are a lot of services out there that take volunteers, so go do your part.  If you see someone fall, help them up.  Ask your neighbor what they need, how can you help them.  It should not be about you, it should be about the other humans, the weaker humans that need a hand.  Volunteer at the hospital, help the sick.  Build houses for humanities (I have always wanted to do that and will seriously have to check it out now).  It should never be totally about you, but you fellow man.  Without love and compassion, this world will fall apart and it will be a dark lonely place.  We need to preserve humanity, not the climate, it will take care of itself.  We have lost humanity, not completely, there is still a chance to save it.  People are becoming all about themselves and not about the people around them.  Go check on your neighbor, see what you can do to help in your community and show some humanity.

It is a Democratic Republic, Not a Democracy


Over the past two nights while watching the Democratic Debates I heard them repeat over and over again, referring to our government, as a Democracy.  First off, if they do not know what kind of government we have, they should be disqualified.  We the United States of America are a democratic republic.  A democratic republic is a form of government operating on principles adopted from a republic and a democracy rather than being a cross between two entirely separate systems.  Democratic republics may function on principles shared by both republics and democracies (though I am beginning to wonder if we agree on anything now).  The difference between democracy and republic is the fact that we have limits placed on our government by the law having to do with minority rights.   Both use representatives, whereas citizens vote to elect the representatives that show interest in their concerns.

Here are the definitions of both:  Democracy:  A system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.  Republic:  A state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch.  See the difference, see the similarities?  Yes, we allow the whole population to vote to choose, but we are voting for representatives to basically fight for what we, the citizens, believe should happen in our country.  We are not one or the other. As said by John Adams:

No determinations are carried, it is true, in a simple representative democracy, but by consent of the majority or their representatives.

I found this on “The Fringe,” Our founding fathers knew what the effects of a pure democracy would be, therefore they made sure we never had to deal with that.  This disdain for pure democracy in America traces back to the founding fathers. Alexander Hamilton didn’t like it: “Real liberty is never found in despotism or in the extremes of Democracy.” Nor did Samuel Adams: “Remember, Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself!”” As you can tell a democracy is never fair.


This is why we have a constitution.  The constitution set down a base, some rules that cannot be changed or taken away.  In a republic our constitutional rights protects certain inalienable rights that cannot be taken away by the government, even if elected by a majority of voters, whereas with a pure democracy, the majority is not restrained in this way and can impose its will on the minority.  If that happened we would lose our gun rights and the crazies would be able to tell us what to do.

Well anyway, there is your lesson for the day.  Please feel free to correct all libtards and Dumbacrats that insist that our country is a democracy, teach them the truth. You know what they always say, “the truth will set you free.”

Democracy Republic
Philosophy In a democracy, the community of people are considered to hold power over how they are governed. Kings and tyrants are seen as threats to the innate rights of the people. As such, all eligible citizens get equal say in decisions. Republics are in opposition to rulership by a single person. All eligible citizens get equal say in decisions through elected representatives. Unalienable rights of individuals are protected by law to safeguard against a majority abusing the minority
Definition Rule by majority. In a democracy, an individual, and any group of individuals composing any minority, have no protection against the power of the majority. In variations, people may also elect representatives. A republic is similar to a representative democracy except it has a written constitution of basic rights that protect the minority from being completely unrepresented or abused by the majority.
Political System Democratic. [Note: this is not meant as a reference to a Democratic Party.] Republican. [Note: this is not meant as a reference to a Republican Party.]
Social Structure Democracies are meant to resist separation by class, politically or economically. Class distinctions can become pronounced, however, due to capitalist society. Varies from state to state. Republics are meant to resist separations by class, politically or economically. Class distinctions can become pronounced, however, due to capitalist society. Varies from state to state.
Economic System Democracies tend to be free-market economies. Policies that govern economics are chosen by the voters (or their elected representatives in a representative democracy). Usually capitalist or Keynesian. Republics are almost always free-market economies. Policies that govern economics are voted on by the people’s representatives. Usually capitalist or Keynesian.
Religion Generally, freedom of religion is permitted, although a majority faction may limit religious freedom for a minority faction. Generally, freedom of religion is permitted, especially insofar as there is a constitutional prohibition on interfering with freedom of religion.
Free Choice Individuals may make decisions for themselves except insofar as a majority faction has limited individuals. Individuals may make decisions for themselves, especially insofar as there is a constitutional prohibition on interfering with freedom of choice.
Key Elements Free elections. Suffrage. Majority Rule. Free elections. Constitution. Suffrage. Individual rights.
Private Property Generally, private property is permitted, although a majority faction may place limits on property rights. Generally, private property is permitted, especially insofar as there is a constitutional prohibition on interfering with property rights.
Discrimination In theory, all citizens have an equal say and so are treated equally. However, often allows for the tyranny of the majority over the minority. In theory, all citizens have an equal say and so are treated equally by the government, especially insofar as there is a constitutional prohibition on government discrimination.
Modern Examples More than half of the world, including the US, Canada, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, etc. The United Kingdom is an example of a democratic country that is not a republic, since it has a monarch. The United States of America is a constitutional democratic republic.
Variations Direct democracy, parliamentary democracy, representative democracy, presidential democracy. Democratic republics, Constitutional republics.
Constraints on the government No; the majority can impose its will on the minority. Yes; the majority cannot take away certain inalienable rights.
Way of Change Voting. Voting.
Famous Examples Ancient Athens (Greece), Switzerland (13th century) Rome, France, United States Of America
Sovereignty is held by the whole population (as a group) the people (individuals)
Common confusion in the USA People commonly confuse direct democracy with representative democracy. The US officially has a representative style, though many have suggested the US is closer to an oligarchy or plutocracy. The US is actually a democratic republic. It is governed by rule of law. The elected are bound by oath to the written governing limits (i.e. constitution) yet vote “together” and create laws to address concerns of the represented in a democratic way.
Observation in practice People commonly confuse direct democracy with representative democracy. The US has a representative style. But the will of the people shouldn’t easily decide to change the rules that limit power to the government. The U.S.A.’s Constitution defines the U.S. as a Republic, Article 4, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution. America’s founders were wary of aristocracy and monarchy, and preferred a democratic republic.
History Originated and evolved in ancient Athens during the 5th century. Numerous important reforms were made by the leader Solon and then Cleisthenes. Greek democracy was ended in 322BC by Macedon. Originated in Rome in 509BC (to 27BC), after a period of oppressive kings. Copying a bit from the Greek leader, Solon, Rome’s leaders created laws (“The Twelve Tables”) and a republican system with a Senate, Consul, and courts.
Key Proponents Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Noah Webster, Solon, Cleisthenes, Karl Marx Cicero, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison.
View of war Depends on the majority opinion. Constitutional republics rarely wage war against one another, and they especially eschew war when a condition of free trade exists between them.
Disadvantages Majorities can abuse minorities. constant debates, deadlocks

When I Grow Up, I wanna Be….


When we were all little, we used to say “when I grow up, I am going to…..”  What did you say you were going to be or do?  Me myself, I grew up in a day when most women wanted to get married, have children, and be a awesome housewife.  I am not saying that ALL women in my generation said that, but seemed most people I knew did.  As we got older and saw all that there was out there for us to choose from some said doctor, lawyer, and some even said president.  I know fresh out of high school I had no idea what I wanted to do, I was young, dumb, and wasn’t using my head, was not thinking about the future.  In fact, I went back to college 13 years after high school, of which I did not graduate, but got my GED.

When I went to college, I was already 3 children in, all under the age of 9.  I went in for a bachelors degree, did not even really know where I wanted to go with this, what I wanted to be.  Before I completed my first year of college, I had already changed it, decided I wanted to go to law school, wanted to be a lawyer for abused women.  As many of you do not know, I was abused throughout my childhood (they call it sibling abuse), went in and out of really toxic abusive relationships. Well as I was going along trying to complete all that was needed to get to that point, something changed.  A. I chickened out on the whole lawyer thing, mainly because I was scared of investing that much school, I think it is 8 years total, and then B. Failing the bar.  Yes, my self esteem was pretty much in the hole from day 1 and I really did not think that much of myself.


You have to take core classes in college, mainly your English, History, Science, and Math.  You also have some mandatory classes that are needed that go along with the core that are in different directions depending on what you choose as a degree.  One of the things I had to take as a part of my basic core was “communications classes.”  I never heard of it, had no idea what it was, but I had to take it, so I did.  Well, let me just say, it opened me up to a whole new view of what I wanted to do.  I fell in love with this and then I found out where my passion was.  Communications is broken down into a few areas, there is journalism, social media, radio, TV, newsprint, marketing, public relations, business or social sciences.  I had to take public speaking classes, which I am still not great at public speaking, but I did get through them.  My passion that came from all this though was writing.

I was always a English lover, I loved spelling, grammar, and all the things that came with it when I was in school, hated math, science, and at the time hated history, but came to love that as an adult.  I used to love to read, could read a book really fast, at least within a day or 2, depending on how interesting it was to me.  But the writing thing, I never really thought about it in a sense of loving it.  I do not remember having to write a lot of essays in school, probably because I just did not do them or skipped that day or something, who knows, like i said, I was not a very good student in school, hated school, did not want to be there, but honestly I was  hating my life then too.

https _cdn.evbuc.com_images_44991852_97479635147_1_original

Well anyway, this is how I ended up where I am now.  Am I making any money at it? No.  Do I wish to someday be making money at it?  It would be nice, who wouldn’t?  I am glad that I took that first communications class, I had a lot of fun in it, learned a lot of things, met some awesome people in those classes, and my teacher was hilarious and cool.  He was a Vietnam vet, laid back, joked around with us, but at the same time made us become controversial in our writing and speaking.  I had him for most of my communications classes, one being a public speaking class, I had a business and public speaking class with another teacher not so fun to be around.

This regular public speaking class taught me a lot though.  He really made us reach deep in ourselves and then we had to do a speech on a topic of our choice but had to be something dangerous.  This is where I did my speech on abortion.  I brought in all kinds of visual aids (very offensive material), did a lot of research even so much as going to Planned Parenthood for their opinion.  After looking over my report he actually did a, should we say announcement, before I did my speech.  He allowed anyone who might be offended to leave now, only 1 person left, a girl that was pro-abortion of course, but hey, she missed out on some awesome information that might have changed her mine, but then again some people do not want their minds changed.

Well, that speech actually got a big applause, the teacher loved it, I got a A+, the students that stayed seemed to agree with me, and I felt that I had done a great job, which was odd for me because I usually do not pat myself on the back.  So anyway, I actually started out here leading to something else, but ended up with my story instead, at least part of my story, maybe some day I will write about some deeper darker parts of me as I am lead to and the other story will have to wait for another day now.  So what did you want to be when you were little and did you make it or did something change along the way?  If so, do you ever think about changing things and completing that or are you happy with what you did?  Do you have regrets?  Just remember, it is never too late to change your  mind and you can do anything you set your mind to.




Difference of Opinion, Sorry It Is Not Allowed


As many of you know, I had a difference of opinion this week over to eat or not to eat Chick-fil-A this month in regards to celebrating Pride Month.  Now I do not have a issue with people celebrating things that pertain to them, but I do have a issue with people being made to feel guilty for not.  There are a lot of them out there that you probably do not even know exist, for example, January is Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, February Black History Month, March Irish-American Heritage Month, April National Child Abuse Prevention Month, well I think you got it by now, every month is a list of some type of history month.  The way I see it is, if it applies to you, if you support the cause, if you just like to celebrate things then have a blast, but do not put me down or attack me because I do not feel the need to celebrate it.

As above, March is Irish-American Heritage, my mothers side of the family is Irish-Welsh, but hey, you do not see me running out there wearing green leprechaun shirts every day, drinking beer, eating corned beef and cabbage celebrating.  I do not need a holiday to celebrate my heritage.  I celebrate my heritage just knowing that I am what I am.  I live in the south, Georgia to be specific, but yet you do not see me flying my Confederate Flag and making anyone feel bad that does not celebrate Confederate History Month in April.  Why is it that some people feel the need to shove their month of the year or day of the year down everyone’s throat.  If you wanna celebrate then have a blast, enjoy yourself, be all that you can be.

So as we already acknowledged, it is Gay Pride month.  I have friends that are gay, but they are normal, they are not out there making sure that everyone agrees with them, celebrates with them, or even gives a damn about what they are.  I am pretty sure that they also eat Chick-fil-A and do not give it a second thought.  I know a few of them are Trumpers, not sure about some of them.  Some of them have kids, some don’t.  The main thing to me is that they do not make me feel bad for being me and I don’t make them feel bad for being them.

Screenshot_2019-06-06 Docs Lost Jillhole ( DocLostJillhole) Twitter

When I saw the post above, I feel that I did not say anything rude or hateful, I said how I felt, that I was not willing to give up something or punish said business because some people (sound a bit like Ilhan right?) wanted to punish them because of their Christian beliefs. Chick-fil-A is not anti-gay, nor have they ever been.  Why is it if I do not give up something that has done nothing to me, just because some people (Ilhan again) think this place is out to get them or against them.  Well anyway, to top it off, someone actually went so far as to report me to Twitter for my profile.

Screenshot_2019-06-05 (44 unread) - jamichristopher bellsouth net - AT T Yahoo Mail

Well as you can tell, they really succeeded at nothing, not am I going to stop eating Chick-fil-A, but it was just the fact that they tried.  I remember growing up if you did not like something someone stood for, if you did not like someone, if you were done wrong by someone, it was simple, you just stayed away from them.  If you had different political views then you vote and the most votes wins.  Why is it now that everyone seems to think that if you do not believe like them you are their enemy?  Why is there not a White Pride month?  Oh yeah, that’s racist.  I am an American first, why is there not American Month?

I have nothing against them.  But I will say I do have something against the exploitation of children that has come about over the past few years, example, Desmond Is Amazing.  I feel that his parents have exploited him, instead of nurturing him.  I am not saying he is gay, not gay, transgender or not transgender, but that they are allowing him to dance at clubs and let all these gay grown ups throw dollars at him for doing it, that is child abuse, plain and simple.  That child has not been allowed to be a child.  Let him dress up or play with dolls or whatever, but to allow him to do the things they have allowed him to do is just wrong.


To me, honestly, there are a lot of these people that make a spectacle out of themselves and make the whole group look bad.  If it were not for the ones I know personally, I would think that they are all strange.  Now I know there are straight people who like to make out in public, do things that draw attention to themselves, and unspeakable things, just like the gay people do, but honestly, I don’t want to see any of it.  A peck on the lips or cheek, holding hands, stuff like that is fine, but to be making out in public, I am sorry, that bothers me and all I can think is “GO GET A ROOM.”  I don’t want to see it, it is bad enough that is all I see on TV, I feel it is being shoved down my throat.

So anyway, what I am trying to say is, be who you are, be proud of who you are, but also allow others to be proud of who they are, make a decision as to whether they want to celebrate with you, stand up for you, stand up beside you, or go their own way.  I live in America, it is the land of the free, I am allowed to say what I want, agree with what I want, and most of all celebrate what I want with who I want.  I would rather celebrate being an American than anything else. Stop trying to force me to stand up for who you are or what you want to be and eat Chick-fil-A if you want to without being criticized and attacked.


If I Were President


I know we have all said this, but I decided to share my thoughts on this.  What all would you do if you were president?  I might not hit all the hot topics, but I am going to talk about the ones that really piss me off.  Starting with illegal immigration and immigration in general, sending companies off to other countries and hiring in other countries to do things for Americans, i.e. customer service, tech support, etc, and a few other things.

Lets start with illegal immigration.  I would do exactly what President Trump is already trying to do, BUILD A DAMN WALL, and then like he is also doing, TAX THE HELL OUT OF MEXICO.  We are in dire need of this.  It needs to stop.  We have diseases that we have had under control for years creeping back into our country.  TB is on a rise, as per Centers for Immigration Studies, “ICE health officials have been notified of 236 confirmed or probable cases of mumps among detainees in 51 facilities in the past 12 months, compared to no cases detected between January 2016 and February 2018. Last year, 423 detainees were determined to have influenza and 461 to have chicken pox. All three diseases are largely preventable by vaccine.”  This is dangerous and should be stopped before we have another epidemic.

pic 5

I would also put a high tax on any money being wired out of the United States to Mexico and South America, to the point where it is no worth it to send it.  Most work under the table and do not pay any taxes, in my opinion they owe us this money anyway.  I would also go after places that are hiring illegals, quit fining them, shut them down.  I think if the threat of losing their livelihood and business and not just paying a little fine would make them think twice about hiring illegals.

Another thing is high taxes and tariffs on any businesses that hires outside of the United States or move their businesses outside of America.  I would force them to hire Americans or legal immigrants.  These people are paying next to nothing in other countries, pretty much same as child labor, which is why child labor laws were made, back years ago.  It should be illegal in those countries also, but it isn’t, so we are not helping other countries in the long run allowing them to continue to hire for next to nothing slaving people for their product.


The Fourteen Amendment would be changed.  We need to do away with birthright citizenship.  The reason for the 14th Amendment was to make slaves and their children legal citizens of the US.  As of right now there are about 30 countries in the world that allow birthright citizenship, most of those are in South America.  Most European countries require this.  If we stopped allowing people to just come over and have a baby and that baby becomes a American citizen, then it would take a lot of the reasons for coming illegally.  This cost the US a lot of money, as stated in my last blog, as the baby ends up on government assistance and it also gives the parents a right to be here, even though they came here illegally.

I know President Trump has tried to get rid of DACA, but that is another thing that needs to go.  Illegal is illegal, no matter if you came out of your own will or not.  The parents and children brought here are still here illegally and getting benefits that were meant for Americans and therefore need to go.


Term limits should be made and enforced.  It is ridiculous that a hardworking man in his 60s, health, strong, and sensible should be forced into retirement, where we have people in the senate that are 20 years past normal retirement that are allowed to continue working.  It is ridiculous that people can come in and not do what they promised and continue working.  Therefore I say term limits just like the president.  They should be allowed two 4 year terms, then they have to go and someone new comes in.  That is the only possible way to “drain the swamp.”  They just sit there and collect a paycheck and do not do a thing to help the citizens of their country, namely the citizens that voted them in to begin with.

Term limits will help America trust the government a little more, these people will be trying to do what they said in the time they have as opposed to sitting there drawing a check laughing at us.  The reason we have a term limit on the president is to keep from becoming a dictatorship, does that not apply to the senate also, because from where I am sitting, they ARE a dictatorship in themselves.  It brings in fresh ideas.  Helps remove people who do not do their jobs.  There is no threat that they will lose their job, therefore they can sit there and do the bare minimum without threat of being removed.


Give back the states the rights they used to have, stop trying to control everything everywhere.  If it is not in the constitution, then states should have the right to make their own laws.  Get out of parents business, let people raise their children the way they want to.  Let us teach our children the way we want to.  Focus on National issues like immigration, taxes, and jobs.  Go back to separation of church and state, stop harassing Christians and trying to force them to do things that are against their beliefs, stop allowing people to come to the United States and not assimilate and trying to force their religion and beliefs on us, you want to be American then act like it or go home.  No Sharia Law, it goes completely against our constitution.

Well this is a list, there are lots of other things, but these are my main issues.  I am tired of seeing our country be destroyed from the inside out.  I am tired of seeing the senate and house block our President from doing the things he promised to do because they want to see him fail.  We see what he is trying to do, we also see who is stopping him.  We see and hear what they (the left) wants done, which is against most of our beliefs.  I could care less if you are gay, I could care less if you think your a tree, what I do care about if my country trying to force me to stand behind you on it.  I also believe in the constitution, I believe in guns, I believe in life, something of which most of the left seems to have forgotten and wants gone.  We cannot left this happen to our country.  We most of all need to stop letting them control us.  So my question is, what would you do if you were president?


Free Money? Sorry Not for You


If you are illegal and in the United States, what exactly are you going to get?  Well I have been doing some research on this and apparently the answer is more than citizens when it comes to taxes.  What else are they entitled to?  Foodstamps, Medicaid, jobs, housing?  Well lets see.  As you can tell above, yes legal citizens are also using them, but there are more illegals than legals, it has doubled what it would be if only citizens were on welfare.

Obama passed a Amnesty bill back when he was in office. Obama’s Bill would allow parents illegally residing in the U.S. for at least five years, and who also have children who are citizens or legal permanent residents, to remain in the country for up to three years without the threat of deportation, if they register and pass a background check.  If they meet the requirements, they would also be given work authorization for the three-year period and would be able to get a Social Security number.  Yes a social security card.  When you have a SS card, that also entitles you to “file taxes.”  You have children you are allowed to claim them and also get the “earned income tax credit” for low income families.  Did they pay in?  Most likely not, a lot of the time they are working for cash money, therefore not claiming all income.  Also, a lot of times they live in a house with several families.

Screenshot_2019-05-25 EITC Income Limits Maximum Credit Amounts Next Year Internal Revenue Service(1)

To me this should only be for legal citizens of the United States.  This cost us a lot of extra money and how much of that they get back are they sending back home?  What about Foodstamps and Medicaid?  Well as most of you know, even if you are not a citizen, just have a bunch of kids, you can get a nice amount of Foodstamps.  Medicaid might be a bit trickier, but the kids that they spit out are eligible, even if they aren’t.  Low-income undocumented immigrants are also eligible for the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC), which provides food and infant formula assistance, as well as nutritional and immunization assessments.

Lets talk about the money that thru are sending home.  How much do you think it is? One billion? Five Billion?  How about $120 billion last year since 2009, and as per the scale below, it is more and more each year.  Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador all said that natives in the United States sent over $17 billion home last year.  Shouldn’t we tax this money?  I say yes.  That money could go towards a lot of various things that we are being drained of as we speak.  Consider also that most of that money is made tax free, cash under the table.  So basically they are making money here, paying no taxes, and sending that money home to their families and we get nothing in return.

I, myself, am sick of seeing our jobs taken (this includes outsourced work to other countries, another blog coming soon), our resources for OUR citizens being used and abused by people who have no rights to use them, our future retirement being drained and already so low that barely any American can retire on it.  We should be taking care of our own, not others, then after we are taken care of, especially our homeless veterans, then and only then should we help other countries.  Build the wall, stop illegals from walking across our border, take away any reason for them to want to come here.  No more jobs, start literally shutting down businesses caught hiring illegals.  Tax any money being sent out of the country, make it enough to make them not do it.  No more children born to illegals being American Citizens, most countries do not allow it, why do we?  If at least one parent is not a legal citizen then the children should not be either.  Stop the insanity.  US FIRST.


Strike You Say? Go Ahead I Really Don’t Care


Striking has been around for a long time.  They come in the form of strikes, boycotts, and demonstrations.  When striking first became a thing, it was for job rights, pay, and fair and equal hiring.  Then things like boycotting came around, I boycotted and still do Target for the bathroom issue.  Demonstrations are more or less a group of people just bringing attention to their cause.  Lately we have stupidity striking.  We have kids striking (walking out of school) in protest against guns and climate issues.  Then we have Alyssa Milano and her sex strike.

Her is a little history lesson about striking.  The Jamestown Polish craftsmen’s strike of 1619 took place in the settlement of Jamestown in the Virginia colony.  It was the first documented strike in North America. Skilled Polish craftsmen were sent by the Virginia Company to Jamestown to produce pitch, tar, and turpentine used for shipbuilding.  When the colony held its first election in 1619, the Polish workers were not allowed to vote on the grounds that they were not of English origin, so they went on strike.  Due to the importance of the skilled workers in producing valuable naval stores for the colony, company leaders bowed to labor pressure and gave full voting rights to the Polish workers.  The next one was workers and farmers marched to the mill owners’ houses and threw rocks and insults.  This was the first factory strike in the United States and the first strike involving women.  Built in 1793, Slater Mill was the first textile factory in the United States.  Usually striking is related to work, pay, and stuff like that.  Typically, workers cannot be fired for going on strike.  The NLRA protects the right of workers to strike and prohibits employers from terminating employees for exercising this right, but it only protects lawful strikes.


As everyone has seen on twitter and other social media, there is now a sex strike until as stated by Alyssa, “we (women) get bodily autonomy back.”  Such bills, Milano said, will affect communities of color more than any others. “Any woman of privilege that lives in one of these states, if this goes through, they’re going to be able to travel to a state to get a safe reproductive healthcare,” she told Cuomo. “But for the women of color, for the women that are marginalized, for the women that are (in) low-income communities… these bills are going to be catastrophic.”  Does she not realize why Planned Parenthood, who is one of the largest promoters of abortion was started.  To kill off the black race.  Well if you ask me, making abortion illegal would actually help blacks instead of hurting them.  Also, what happened to being responsible for your body, keep your legs together, don’t get pregnant, in other words, don’t be a damn slut.


I read yesterday about how the woman who is “Roe” came out and admitted that her whole story was nothing but a lie.  She was not raped.  She said she regrets doing what she did, she feels, now being a born again Christian, this this is her biggest sin because of the death to 1000s of babies as a result of her being the plaintiff to get it legalized.  I understand rape happens, but in all honesty, all legalizing abortion has done is given women another form of birth control.  There is really nothing that can “threaten a woman’s life” when giving birth now because there is better medical technology, you can get a C-section early on whereas the baby and the mother will both be safe.  The only legitimate reason for getting an abortion, and I still don’t believe in abortion for any reason at all, is rape.  In my opinion, have the baby and put it up for adoption, but to abort it is still wrong in any way, shape, or form.

The stats found here show, based on the latest state-level data, approximately 879,000 abortions in the United States in 2017, which is down from approximately 892,000 abortions in 2016 and 913,000 abortions in 2015.  Black women were more than 3.5 times more likely in 2015 than white women.  As you can see before, the lowest amount for reason to have one is rape.  The rest are selfish reasons if you ask me.  Fetal health problems…. most can be surgically fixed before the baby is born or immediately after, physical problem is Down Syndrome or something like that.  The ones after that to me are all 100% selfish reasons whereas adoption is a perfect solution.  In other words, outside of rape, which one cannot help happening (unless you use your 2nd amendment and carry a gun), the rest are doing things that you should not be doing if you are not ready to handle the responsibility that comes with it, A BABY.  I do not believe in abortion at all, but if it must be legalized, it must be for only rape, not because your not getting a perfect child, not because you couldn’t keep your legs together.


So basically, if you want to stop having sex in order to keep abortion legalized then you are hurting no one but yourself.  In fact, you are helping create less abortions and are doing all us logical Americans a favor by not having sex and risking getting pregnant.  I hope this strike goes on for a very long time.  Our reasons may be different, but the outcome is on our side, not yours.


On March 15, Strike 4 Climate, tens of thousands of high-school and middle-school students in more than 30 countries skipped school to demand that politicians treat the global climate crisis as the emergency it is.  My opinion about this one is they definitely need to stay in school, take a little more science and learn that the earth and moon are on cycles, they rotate.  We have been having ice ages since the beginning of time, they just are not as bad as they were back then.  It will get hotter and colder throughout your lifetime all because of rotation.  Here is some history of temperatures for you:  Highest temperature ever recorded was 134.1 °F on 10 July 1913 in Furnace Creek (Greenland Ranch), California, United States, notice how long ago that was.  Here is a list of extreme temperatures in the United States and as you will notice, it has been really hot and really cold in extremes that you can not even imagine throughout history.  It will always do that.  The ice caps are not melting for good, they will freeze back up, this is not permanent.  Cows do not need to stop farting.


Gun strikes are happening, mainly by kids.  This was inspired by the high-school students in Parkland, Florida, who began protesting gun violence after 14 of their fellow classmates and three school staffers were killed on February 14, 2018.  Now I understand your upset, I would be upset too if someone came into my school and shot it up, but it is not the guns fault.  No gun has ever killed anyone by itself.  Protesting the NRA will not stop gun violence.  If you want to blame someone, blame the police who did nothing when they were warned way ahead of time of the shooting.  Blame Mental Health who let him slip through their fingers. There were so many people who could have stopped this, but to say that guns and NRA are to blame is just not right.


So anyway, as you can tell people seem to think that striking will get you what you want.  In some cases it will, in some it won’t, but when you want to protest about abortion by cutting yourself off from sex, it just reminds me of a kid holding their breath till they get the candy they want.  They won’t die and they won’t get the candy.   They wont even turn blue because they just can’t hold their breath that long.  So go ahead, do what you should have been doing all along, keep those legs together, stop having free sex with anyone you Netflix and chill with, anyone that you have a few drinks with, mostly stop putting yourself in situations where you might get raped (I am in reference to girls who want to hang out along with guys and drink and do stupid shit that they know could get them in trouble, rape is always rape, no matter why it happened).  I say we go back to the basics, make abortion legal only for reason of rape, it must be proven, must be a prosecution, and lets stop using it for birth control, go get some rubbers or birth control pills for that.