If It is Broken, I Say Fix It


As many of you know, AOC made a comment about the VA over the past week.  She said ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’  Well as many of you know, the VA is very broken and needs to be fixed and quickly.  Though we all know that will take time to fix, and it is on its way, people need to understand what the problems are.  I spoke to several Veterans, some of which use it as a primary source of medical needs, others use it but have no serious medical issues so it is just enough to get by, others used it, but then dropped it and got their own healthcare.  After hearing what they had to say, I feel that people need to understand what goes on in the workings of the VA system.


We will start with my hometown, Georgia.  I have a friend who has used them for quite a while.   There is a main VA in Atlanta and there are several smaller clinics located throughout the metro area and I assume lower regions of the state.  When asked how long it takes when you go to an appointment, “If you have a 8 am appointment usually you’ll be there for a hour or two, the later the appointment the longer the wait is, I try making my appointments as early as possible.”  If you are really sick you can go to the ER at the VA and get moved to the front of the line, but things like broken bones and just being sick with a minor illness is a different story.  He has had 6-7 primary care doctors in the time he has been going, they have a lack of doctors and he is supposed to have a regular doctor, but they usually just move to other hospitals, mostly out of the VA system.  The ER in Atlanta has about 50 plus or minus beds so that makes things a bit tricky when they are full.

If something bad happened to him, if he had to go to the ER, he would go to our local hospital or the closest ER, then once stable he would be transferred to the VA.  The good thing is there is a program called the Choice Program.  Normally getting some type of annual testing, like a colonoscopy or EGD, the appointment would take months to get at the VA, he said he can get approved for a outside doctors facility to have it done in a timely manner, but before that program he could not, he would have to wait sometimes years to get it done.  He also said, “You can say things have gotten better since President Trump has taken office, and I feel they’ll get better in the future as long as a fkn liberal don’t screw it up again!”  He also said they are different in other states, “I’d rather go to the Nashville VA hospital,” hence why I wanted a variety of Veterans in different states to tell me how their VA is.  He said the VA isn’t the worst, but it needs to be better.


Next lets look at Manitowoc County, Wisconsin.  There is a main one and several smaller clinics.  The main VA hospital is in Milwaukee, which is 100 plus miles away, there is a VA clinic 40 miles away, and another about 30 miles away.  The 30 mile away one is a much nicer facility than the 40 mile away one.  He said, “If I was still on VA healthcare, I would have to use the VA clinics unless I was dying or had a severe debilitating cold, I would still have to call the VA and make sure I could see an out of network provider.  When I used to see a VA psychologist, the session would last about an hour, but I would have a 2, 3, or 6 month wait time between appointments.  I will say that my psychologist was a great therapist.  He was clear and never made me feel like a piece of trash some of the techniques he taught me to deal with my PTSD did help.”  He said they are not perfect, but they were effective.  He said he has not heard of a Choice Program, so I am assuming that some are not offered it and some are, or some states do not have it and some do.  He stopped using the VA and got insurance through his work, when he tried to get back on at the VA he could not because he could not get in touch with the people he needed to talk to and he finally gave up and went back on his healthcare coverage at work.  He also said, “When I first checked into the VA for health care, the Psychiatrist I saw very rudely stated that I will probably never come back here because I’m too proud for his assistance to help me (I feel like I am a pretty humble person), talk about a guy that doesn’t give a damn…as stated before however, the psychologist was the exact opposite and good to go.”  So the VA psychiatrists at the VA are much more understanding than outside Psychiatrist.

He said he would dispute AOC’s comment about “VA healthcare being any sort of an example of government healthcare being efficient and well led.  I know their are some out there convinced she is a socialist hero and the second coming of Christ, but I respectfully disagree and find her to be ignorant of facts and concepts of the reality of our nations issues.  She lives in imagination land.  I do not hate her guts, but I want her to pull her head out of the sand and recognize that she cannot dream her way to her version of utopia….God help us all.”  My opinion is, if you haven’t had to deal with the VA system, how can you really know how it is to have to use them?  She has no idea what she is talking about and therefore should not speak about it.


Next we will go to Biloxi, Mississippi.  She said there is one within a 50 mile radius and 1 in Biloxi.  The main one is in Jackson, but that’s a 3 hour drive or New Orleans is 71 miles away.  She said “My VA is a full hospital complete with specialty clinics.”  In order to be seen at a VA specialty clinic, you must first get approval and a referral from your PCM (primary care manager).  There is a difference in the types of appointments she needs to make.  She said, “There is no type of acute care for colds at my facility.  I don’t like that, at all.  They say to go to the ER if you want to be seen for a cold, flu, strep, UTI, etc.  Chronic issues are managed by your PCM.”

When asked about emergency situations she said the closest facility is an appropriate facility, cost will be covered by the VA.  Regular check-ups and tests can take about a month to make an appointment, the exception is cardiology, she said, “I was taken care of very quickly for cardio issues. Their cardio care was quite aggressive, in a good way.”  She said her PCM usually stayed same, so she was able to see the same doctor each time.   She knows what the Choice Card is and has one, but has not used it, she said, “In order to use this benefit, certain criteria must be met.  Examples:  You need wait more than 30 days for an appointment, you live more than 40 miles away from the nearest VA.”  Here is a link if you do not know what it is or are unsure of what it is VA Choice Card.

She has been retired almost 6 years and her very first VA appointment was in September of 2018, she says the best clinic is the cardiology clinic, though.  She says they have a “women’s clinic,” most appointments like mammograms are taken care of by other civilian or military facilities.  She lives 25 miles away from her VA.  She even got lectured at one point from her PCM, she said, “It was very inappropriate for her to tell me, a Veteran and obviously patriotic, that I need to be more of a proactive feminist, blah blah blah, President Obama blah blah blah, Trump so evil, blah blah blah.”  I agree, that is inappropriate of a physician to lecture one on anything outside of their health.


Now we will go to Bellevue, Nebraska (just south of Omaha).  There is a VA clinic in Bellevue and the main VA hospital in Omaha, he said he has been to both.  He said, “As far as being seen at either, it’s happened several ways:
1.  I was seen at the hospital and the VA secluded follow ups at the clinic.
2.  I’ve called the VA for an appointment and they secluded me to be seen at the clinic.
3.  I’ve called the clinic for making an appointment.”

When it comes to something that is life threatening (i.e. life, limb, eyesight, or difficulty breathing), he goes to the VA ER, he said, “The last time I went there, my wife took me in because it was hard to breath.  We were treated like shit by the nurse, like we were an inconvenience being there.”  As far as routine testing and other types of visits he calls and makes an appointment.  He said, “I’ve had to wait a month for some appointments, but the overall average is around two to three weeks.”

He said that he is “drawing about 30% disability from service connected and I also have insurance from work.  If I’m being seen at a civilian hospital for anything NOT related to what I’m getting disability for, it’s out of pocket and just my insurance.  If it’s something that I AM getting disability for then the VA covers down.  So if I have an emergency, I’m going to try to make it to the VA because then I can use my insurance there and not shit a gold brick when the bill comes. It’s confusing.”  For regular testing or annual stuff he says he usually gets into the clinic and will be seen in about 1-1/2 weeks to 3 weeks.

The PCP usually changes, but he thinks you can request a certain one, but your wait time will most likely change, so its the risk of time versus consistency on seeing the same doctor.  Over all, “I’m happy with the VA In Omaha/Bellevue,” he said, “Scheduling my vasectomy through them was interesting, had to make an appointment, to make an appointment to schedule my consultation to schedule my surgery.”  He said the wait times in the lobbies aren’t too long, “longest I think I waited was 20 minutes.  Once I got to a room I can wait anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes.  I definitely have it better than other places I’ve read about,” though he says being seen by a specialist and having something done can take up to a year.   There are sometimes wait lists that can be 6 mo out, if he needs to talk to the podiatrist, it’ll take 6 months to get the appointment, if a procedure is needed, that’ll take 6 months too, so a full year could pass before he got what was needed done.  That is pretty much the main complaint I have heard, the time that it takes to get in, time to get testing done, and time that it takes to get anything done.  Sad thing is, depending on what it is, time can cost some their lives.


Now lets check out Kentucky.  This Veteran lives right at the bottom of Kentucky, near the Tennessee state line.  He goes to a Clinic in Clarksville, Tn, which is about 20 miles from his home.  The clinic has just been built and is still adding services.  He said, “The VA Campus in Nashville is where I have to go for major work, MRI’s , surgeries ect… It’s a Full service Hospital and is 54 mi away from me.”  He said you have to be in the system before you can go to the clinic, “there are a couple of ways to get in to the system .. D.A.V. Disabled American Veterans, The VFW Veterans of Foreign Wars, The American Legion all can help file claims for eligibility.”

He said there is not much difference in where he goes, “I can go to the Emergency Room in Nashville any time. Lets say I wake up feeling Crappy and need to see someone… I have to Drive 54 mi to the ER. For me personally I’m more lucky, I’ve had the same NP ( Nurse Practitioner ) for more than 10 yrs.  He and I are Friends on FB and I have his cell phone # so I just call him and see if he can squeeze me in.”  That is very lucky, as it seems that most are just a name and number at the VA.  As far as using outside services, “that happened last year actually… I cut my finger… saw my Guy at VA… and then went to the Local Hospital ER… They fixed me and luckily I didn’t have to pay anything.”  He said to get an appointment can take about 3 months, “I have an MRI scheduled for Tuesday… I saw my Dr back in Feb. and he ordered the MRI.”  He has heard of Choice Program.  He said, “The last time I was at the VA in Nashville I talked to a guy who was there from Bowling Green Ky.  He had to drive more than 100 mi to get there.  Bowling Green Ky is 57 mi North east of me & Nashville Tn is 54 South East of me.”  So there seems to be an issue also with availability, they need more hospitals and clinics to help serve everyone.


Last but not least, I spoke to someone in Virginia.  They said, “As Far as AOC statements goes is she’s ignorant to what Veterans needs are.  Secondly the VA was Broken System for about 20 years but this administration is spearheading it’s recovery I’m so many ways
Thirdly it will take about 10 years to hopefully fix this system but it’s already on the mend.  There are numerous VAs across the country and clinics.  There is a VA Choice program that offers some Veterans the ease of being able to be treated at designated hospitals and the VA carries the cost.  Also what many Veterans don’t know is the Recent Veterans Identification Card ( VIC ) Which they can apply online at The VA.

Now though I only talked to a few Veterans, it seems that they all agree there are issues that need to be fixed.  The length of time to get in to see someone or even talk to someone is bad, it should not take that long to set something up and be able to get in there, especially if it is for something urgent.  Time is of the essence when we are talking about health care and not to speak of early health care to keep from getting to the point of something bad happening, like death.  I have heard of sometimes up to a year wait for visits, procedures, and what not.


Another issue with most is that they do not keep the same physicians.  I feel that seeing the same provider is something that is not only beneficial for the patient, but the doctor also.  You get to build a knowledge base without it being a book of patient history.  The more you see a doctor the more they understand who you are and other things about you that could be helping or hurting your health.  Every time you have to see someone new, they have to read your history, lots of reports, test, blood work, and to me that makes it very easy to miss something.  I do not know why they have such a turnover, why they are not able to keep doctors, but they need to find out and fix this.  Lastly, I think that they need more full care facilities to reach areas that are further out, at least make it easier for them to see clinics that are closer without having to drive all day and wait all day to see someone.

The VA system is good in some ways, but to a lot of people it is not.  They also need to upgrade their data system, they really cannot tell you how many have died waiting and how many could die waiting, these people are waiting on being seen, getting procedures, and/or treatment.  On a article on Military.com it says, “applications got stuck in a system that the VA has struggled to overhaul. Some applications, the IG report says, go back nearly two decades. The report addresses serious issues with the record-keeping itself.”  It also says that “The report also says VA workers incorrectly marked thousands of unprocessed health-care applications as completed and may have deleted 10,000 or more electronic “transactions” over the past five years.”  I don’t know about you but that is scary.  It is mishandling of records and people are literally falling through the cracks who need medical help.  I understand they are overworked, there is not enough people to help, but it is time they hire more people, get rid of the deadbeat people that are messing shit up, and they need to get this thing running appropriately, especially for our Veterans.  They were willing to give all to protect us and we give nothing in return.  This is the least we can do to help them live a healthy safe life.  Anyone who thinks this system is not broken needs to research it themselves, talk to some Veterans, go visit a VA.  This is not fair at all.

As far as AOC goes, she really has no idea what she is talking about.  This to me is way more important than stopping cows from farting.  She needs to know what she is talking about before she spouts off some insane BS.   I want to tell all the Veterans that helped me with this, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, thank you for your service, thank you for caring enough about us to place your life on the line to protect us, and I hope to God that they seriously work on this system because you all deserve much more than this for all you have done.  I will leave you with this video that says it pretty good.

Dan Crenshaw Gives The Best Response to AOC!

Are We Becoming an Islamic Country?

Muslim Day Oklahoma

I have been shocked to see the amount of Muslims in our country, I feel as if we are being invaded.  Not only are they moving here, they are infiltrating our government.  They are trying to change our laws to allow for Sharia Law on top of it.  I do not understand how we have allowed this to happen.  This actually scares me, not only as a woman, but as an American.

How many Muslims are in America?  As of right now the stats say we have 5,256,000 which is about 0.3% of the worlds population of Muslims in America.  I know that 3% does not sound like a lot, but even that small percentage is having a huge pull on our political system now.  Just in Georgia alone there are estimated to be about 75,000 Muslims and approximately 35 mosques and they make up 1.3% of the population, making Atlanta the 6th largest Muslim proportion in the country.  For me, that hits very close to home.


Doing my research, according to the AJC, New Jersey is the largest at 3%, next being Arkansas and New York.  In Minneapolis–Saint Paul, Somalians make up one of the largest Somali group of people in the US and as of 2016 there were around 80,000 Somalis in Minnesota.  If you are unsure who the Somalians are, watch Black Hawk Down, we (Americans) tried to help them and instead they turned on us.  If the stats above do not scare you, they should.

If you missed it, here is a recap of an interview Matt Locke did with Rocci Stucci on the Conservative Cartel (if your not listening you should be) a few days back.  Dearborn, MI has been overtaken by Muslims at about 100.000 Somalians, they are averaging 8 children per family right now and they are spreading around the neighboring towns.  there are 3 main Samalian gangs in the area.  In Faribault, Minnesota, which is a predominant Somalian town, they have destroyed all the historical sites, they have multiple families living in a single home.  I as one always thought they got funding for taking immigrants, but the communities are not getting any federal funding to take them in.  The education system is destroyed, criminal systems has tripled, and welfare has tripled.  It is costing these communities a lot of money.


Part of why I wrote this was the child, a 5-year old boy, that was thrown from the 3rd floor of the Mall of America, approximately 40 feet down, by a Somalian.  This man has a history at the mall apparently, been banned before, but that did not stop him.  He literally picked up this child beside his mother, and tossed him like a bag of trash.  Luckily the child survived, though he did get a fractured skull.  Why?  Is this what we have to look forward to?  Apparently it happens everyday somewhere in America and no one is doing a thing to stop it.

Are we being desensitized by what is happening around us?  Everyone is so busy with their social media, families that do not spend time together, and what happened to helping your neighbor?  Seems that now, instead of helping someone in need, we pull out the video camera and videotape someone being beaten or worse, post it on YouTube and hope to get lots of views and popularity.  Why do we not help anymore?  Why do we just sit and watch as our fellow man is beaten, just like any one of us could be the victim being beaten, and use that to our advantage instead of standing up and fighting?  In the old days we would have done something to stop it.  I see it everyday, it turns my stomach the videos out there of people being beaten or attacked.  Stop the madness, do something about it, next it will be you or your family.


Now Rocci made a very good point about something that I had not thought about.  There is a difference in being Muslim and practicing Muslim.  Just like the Christian population, there are those of us who try our best to follow what the Word says, be the best Christian we can be, go to church, pray without ceasing, and love everyone.  But, at the same time, there are a lot of Christians out there who believe in God, believe in the Word, occasionally go to church, or not, claim Christianity as their belief, but do not eat, sleep, breath it.  Well, a lot of the Muslims that are here are that way also, they are Muslim, but they do not live it, they do not follow the Sharia Law, they act just like normal people living their lives.  So I guess the bottom line is, most of my blog is mainly aimed at the practicing, radical Muslims that believe in Sharia (there are more that do than do not) and will do what they need to in order to force that upon Americans and non-Muslims, mainly aimed at Christians and Jews.

I myself do not understand how anyone can believe in a religion that teaches hate against anyone who is not like them.  My bible teaches us to love everyone, hate the sin.  Their bible tells them, if they are not Muslim and do not believe as they do, kill them.  They beat their wives, they beat their children, and on top of that, they do not get punished because “it is their religion and belief.”  I am all for anyone having what ever religion they choose, but to try to force yours on me or threaten me with death is not right and should not be allowed in America.  We are a land of freedom.  Free to choose what religion we want to.  Free to live our lives the way we want to.


So are we going to continue to allow this to continue in our country?  Are we going to continue to be attacked for our religion or lack thereof?  What can we do about this?  We have Muslims infiltrating our government right this minute.  We are being invade, not only from Mexico, but by the Muslims.  Their plan is to take over our country and make it a Muslim country.  They call this jihad and shariah supremacism.  We are not the only country being attacked, Europe is also, look at France, look at Sweden.  Churches being burned or desecrated, citizens beaten, landmarks destroyed.  They are in our government and we must remove them from office.  We cannot allow this any longer.  They would love nothing more than to make it a Muslim world.

According to the Western Free Press “Sharia requires its followers to engage in Jihad (holy war) to force the whole world to submit to their dictates. Even those we consider to be “good” Muslim, namely peaceful, law-abiding ones who are loyal to our Constitution, can be subjected to intense coercion by dangerous groups like the Muslim brotherhood to conform to Sharia and its supremacist dictates. The Muslim Brotherhood, a dangerous and insidious Islamist group, has been operating stealthily inside our nation for over five decades.”


I know you all heard of CAIR from Ilhan Omar this past week as she spoke about when and how it was created.  Well did you know that CAIR is fighting for Sharia law to be implicated in the US?  There have been 19 lawsuits in 12 states trying to get it passed.  Soon America will be beheading people in our own courts if we do not stop this now.

I don’t know about you, but this scares the shit out of me.  We need to stop it before it gets to that point.  We are not safe in our own country anymore, our government is against us, and we cannot walk the streets safely.  This is not the America I want to live in.  I refuse to submit to this.  It is time for us to all pray for God to stop this.  I believe that any Muslim who believes in Sharia law should be immediately deported back to their home nation, it should not be allowed her at all, no question asked.




Am I Responsible For My Ancestors Mistakes?

Lately you hear a lot of talk about reparations.  I know this is a touchy subject to some and others use it as a way to call you a racist.  I myself am against it.  Other than going on Ancestry to look up my great great great grandparents, I do not personally know a single person that owned a slave, nor do I know a single person that was a slave.  Why would I or should I pay reparations for something I had nothing to do with?  Do you think that you should pay for something you did not do?


So what are reparations?  “It is the idea that some form of compensatory payment needs to be made to the descendants of Africans who had been enslaved as part of the Atlantic slave trade,” as per Wikipedia.  In my opinion, this should have been paid when slavery ended, not years later for the children’s children to pay.  I had nothing to do with it and frankly do not feel I owe shit.  There are a lot of pros and cons for it.  Some say Jim Crow laws made it hard even though slavery was ended and I understand that though slavery was ended that they were still treated like slaves being segregated and such.  But again, that was way before my time, so why should I pay?

I was 2 years old when the Civil Rights Act came to be in 1964.  This was supposed to stop discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.  And yes, I totally understand that it did not work completely, but it did help some, but to say that it is my fault is still not viable to me to allow the government to say I owe them money for their past hardship.  I am not in the KKK, not affiliated with them, nor Aryan Nations, or any other white power group.  I am just a white girl (forgive me for my color) that was born in the US and raised in Georgia and could not care less what color you are as long as you treat me the way you expect to be treated.  Why should I be punished for something I did not do?


Seems to me the Democratic party started all this mess, did not want to let go of it, and have owned Black Democrats for years.  If you asked me, they should pay reparations.  They started the KKK, they created abortion for the reason of killing off the black population.  Blacks are leaving the democratic party because of all the lies and deceit.  They have kept them down by giving them free food, free healthcare, free housing (slums mainly), and lied to them throughout the years to keep them hanging on to their every word.

Lets talk about affirmative action.  This was an “Executive Order 10925, which was signed by President John F. Kennedy on 6 March 1961 and required that government employers “not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, creed, color, or national origin” and “take affirmative action to ensure that applicants are employed, and that employees are treated during employment, without regard to their race, creed, color, or national origin,” again according to Wikipedia.  Now I understand that not only helps blacks, but also helps women too.  It basically was equality for all and I also understand that it didn’t really help people any more than the Civil Rights Act, it just set a standard for hiring by placing an actual quota on hiring a certain amount of blacks, whites, women, etc, but it did give women and blacks an opportunity for jobs they normally would not be hired for.

1 Affirmative Action

Now I also have a issue for this as it forces people to hire someone (man or woman, black or white) that is not otherwise qualified for said job just because they receive money funding and must have a quota of how many of certain applicants to receive said monies.  I myself feel I have been turned down for a job before because they had their quota of women and needed more “blacks” for the job.  In my opinion the question of what your race and/or sex is should be removed from applications all the way around and your work history should speak for you instead.  Now I know that does not make up for what happened years ago, but it was a step in the right direction for the time, but its time has passed and we should hire people according to their qualifications straight up and nothing more.

My thing is that we have tried to help the Black population and a lot have flourished, become something, live upstanding lives, and are respectable.  They have gotten an education, made great grades, got into awesome colleges, built businesses, and tried their best to be great people and succeeded.  Then you have Blacks who haven’t.  Is that my fault?  Is it my fault that a lot of, lets say the younger Blacks, want to live in their ancestors history?  I heard a week or so ago how Jews cry constantly about the Holocaust, but honestly I find that untrue, most of them do not talk about it, they just live their lives, they are happy and appreciative for the lives they have, which most worked extremely hard to achieve.  Most blacks constantly talk about how “we (white people) owe them.”  I actually had a black girl tell me that once in passing, she said “you owe me bitch.” I didn’t even know the girl, she was working janitorial at the stadium and I was setting up a bagel stand there, walked by and she mumbled that as I passed by.

Why can’t we move forward instead of backwards?   Why not better yourself for your future generation and quit expecting a handout because of past transgressions?  I blame a lot of the younger generation (1970s-1980s-ish) Blacks are raising their kids to hate whites, to think someone owes them, and that are taught that no matter what they do they will never be someone.  That is a lie that they are being taught.  Anyone no matter what color or sex can be anything they want to be, but you have to do it for yourself, not have someone do it for you.  I am so tired of hearing people pull the racist card.  If you go to school, your a troublemaker, bully, drug addict, etc, and you refuse to learn and grow, then you and only you are to blame for where you end up as an adult.  To me, if you want to live in the past, then the past you shall live in.  I say choose the future.  Quit crying about shit that happened long ago and grow up and become someone people can respect instead of being a thug.  I love Candace Owens, she says it best:

You can be poor, middle class, or rich – it doesn’t matter. The black card will still confer upon you an entire history of oppression, even if you’ve never been oppressed. Flash the black card, and most white people will cower.

So anyway, does my opinion make me a racist?  I feel it doesn’t.  Besides, you can’t be racist if you hate everyone.  I like people according to the way they treat me, you treat me bad, I will hit ya back.  Anyone can do anything they want to do, it takes hard work and effort, if you don’t have that then you won’t make it no matter what color or gender you are.  It is plain and simple, work hard, do what’s right, do what you want to do as long as it does not hurt anyone else and become someone.  I will leave you with another great quote from Candace:

  I don’t know why people like being oppressed.

Are Gun Free Zones Really Safe?


The Gun-Free School Zones Act (GFSZA) is an act prohibiting any unauthorized individual from knowingly possessing a loaded or unsecured firearm at a place that the individual knows is a school zone.  This was introduced by former VP Joe Biden in 1990, signed by President George Bush and was intended to prevent mass shootings in schools.  Did it work?  How many school shootings since 1990?  According to the Crime Prevention Research Center, “gun free zones” seem to be the target of more than 98% of all mass shootings, hence the name “soft targets,” meaning no one has a gun, come shoot us, in my opinion.  So how many mass shootings have occurred since 1990?


One of the largest to date is the Las Vegas shooting, October 1, 2017, was a gun free zone.  Now the fact that the shooter was not seen, was up high in a hotel window, that might not have done any good, but it was still a gun free zone and had 58 killed, 546 injured (more if you include suicide later down the road from said victims).  On June 12, 2016, Orlando, Florida, Pulse nightclub was victim to a shooting, 49 people killed and 53 wounded.  After that Florida actually did the opposite of most, they tried to pass bills that would allow concealed carry by permitted people in areas such as schools, airports, etc, in hopes it would deter attacks.  From what I can tell those bills were not passed and you still cannot carry concealed in those areas.

Aurora Theater in Colorado, June 20, 2012, 12 killed, 70 injured, was also a gun free zone, this theater was one of the only theaters in Colorado to have a gun free zone.  Virginia Tech massacre, April 16, 2007, 32 killed, another gun free zone. Columbine High School massacre, April 20, 1999, 13 killed, 24 injured, gun free zone.  In fact since 1990 there have been about 13 school shootings alone, all gun free zones and numerous bar and church shootings.  Why do people think that gun free zones make a person safe?


I lived in a little town about 20 years ago, Kennesaw, Georgia.  In this city they had a must own a gun law.  I never felt safer.  I could leave my doors unlocked, never worried about a thing there.  The cops were so bored they would get you for driving issues, DUI, domestic violence, but there was no real crime there.  Even the liquor stores had guns behind the counter.  If you lived within the city limits of Kennesaw you were pretty much safe.  Now I used to hear crap about the FedEx shooting in Kennesaw, which happened April 29, 2014 where people try to say that since Kennesaw has law requiring ownership of guns why did this happen.  Well for one thing, it was just outside of the city limits, literally right across the line, therefore there was no law to own a gun, if there were, they would have had to have guns in there.

This law was passed in response to a law passed in Morton Grove, Illinois, which has since been repealed.  The funny thing is the law in Kennesaw was never really enforced, but for criminals it worked because they did not know who was armed and who wasn’t and to be quite honest, there are a lot of guns in Kennesaw.  Would you want to try to rob someone there not knowing whether they were following the law and had a gun in their home waiting on you?  I know I wouldn’t.  There has been 1 murder in the city of Kennesaw in the last probably 10 years.  There is a very interesting article written about the town here, it states that the town was fixing to be a city where neighbors handled disputes with each other by having shoot out, they were very wrong.


Dent ‘Wildman’ Myers was the lead on this law and getting it passed.  He owns a little civil war store there with history and he carries at least 2 on holsters, one in each boot, and maybe a knife or 2 and is not one to mess with.  He is a quirky man that is loved and hated by all, but he is harmless, that is unless you cross him.

So why are people so afraid of gun safe zones and owning and shooting guns.  My opinion is if you train yourself, there are shooting schools all around here in Georgia, you learn how to protect yourself, you use your gun only for practice at safe areas, learn to clean your guns, and prepare yourself appropriately, guns are totally safe.  I would not want to go anywhere that my gun was not allowed either.  I feel that if they say no guns allowed then you are a sitting duck for anyone who feels the need to shoot that place up and I refuse to put myself in that situation.  By saying no guns allowed you are advertising “hey there are no guns allowed here, criminals only, come and shoot us.”  I totally believe in our Second Amendment and right to bear arms.  I believe we all have the right to that.  The police are so busy that respond times are usually long and I refuse to hide in a closet while someone is invading my home.  Uphold our Second Amendment and learn to protect yourself and quit trying to take my right to protect myself away from me, besides it might just be you that needs protecting some day and wouldn’t you want someone to be able to?


Anxiety in America


They say that anxiety is one of the most common disorders in the US.  I think almost everyone has some sort of it from mild to severe.  What has caused the rise in this disorder?  Is it in the foods we eat, immunizations, or do we just have more to be anxious about now?  Is this something we have all basically had for years and years and are just becoming more aware of it?  I know I don’t remember ever really being anxious as a child and it really did not hit me until I had my children.  I know my anxiety is not really related to my children, but more my abuse and though I was abused most of my childhood, I think it became normal, but when I became an adult and was abused by other people outside of my family, it became a problem.

There are variations in types of anxiety, some have GAD (generalized anxiety disorder), social anxiety, panic, OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), then there are phobias that cause anxiety.  They say that people with GAD, which is one of the worse ones (I think behind PTSD), never feel relaxed, they are always anxious and it is like a daily struggle for them to function, 6.8 million adults, or 3.1% of the U.S. population, yet only 43.2% are receiving treatment.  This can go on for months at a time.  Social anxiety people don’t like to speak in public, they have a fear of criticism, fear of being laughed at, judged, social types of situations that might draw attention to them.  I think everyone knows what PTSD is, but if you don’t, it stems from war, abuse, rape, etc), anything that is pretty traumatic that you cannot get out of your head.  Last but not least, OCD, which I am thinking a lot of us have, just won’t admit it.


I hate being in crowds and closed places, I love lots of windows and light, I get anxious around people who send out red flags to me (I always listen to my gut), as if I have a fear of them being abusive to me, hard for me to trust.  I also am a bit OCD, I don’t like changes in my schedule, do not like surprises, picky about how I want things done, i.e. dishes (no one washes them correctly and they are still dirty when they finish), laundry, cleaning, etc., I stay very routine to keep from things getting out of hand.  I remember the first time I had what I would consider a panic attack.  It was at the mall, around Christmas, lots of people, and for some odd reason I started getting cold sweats, felt nauseated, and felt as if I were going to pass out, palpitations, and  I just wanted to get out of there.  Luckily I do not go to the mall often, but if I have to now I am sure to park near where I need to go as to run in the door to the place and back out.  I have become a hermit over the past few years, I really hate going anywhere, there will either be traffic or too many people, I hate feeling like I can’t move.

They say that around 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older, or 18.1% of the population every year.  They say it is more common in high income countries, higher income people having the most at 5% of people with it, going down to 1.6% of lower income people.  Does that mean money does not buy happiness?


Is anxiety getting more and more, as opposed to say 50 years ago or is it just becoming more known when someone has it?  They say Millennials are the most anxious generation.  Everyone apparently experiences it different and at different degrees.  Living alone causes some people to feel it and society has become more alone than we realize, compared to the 60s where 7% lived alone, to now where over 1/3 live alone, but at the same time, some people who have anxiety chose to live alone.  They also say that depression and anxiety can have similar symptoms though they are very different, and depression can actually lead to anxiety.  The onset of Alzheimer’s has anxiety symptoms.  The whole thing is very very confusing, it seems there is really no real single point that aims at it or causes it.

Do chemicals in our foods, the air, water, etc cause it?  We do eat a lot of processed foods and even the natural, or what is supposed to be natural, foods have some sort of man made thing in them, our cows are injected with steroids and antibiotics, same with chickens, the food they eat is mostly processed, they say you are what you eat.  Even our fruits and vegetables have some type of chemical blown on them or in the water that we eat when we eat them.  Do our immunizations cause this?  We have plastics that we heat up with our foods, are they safe?  We live in a chemical world now and chemicals do cause changes in our brains and bodies.


Does the fact that your a man or woman matter?  They say that females suffer more than men across the board with the exception of OCD being pretty equal, but why is that?  Are women really more stressed or are we more vocal about being stressed?  Though I have it, I don’t go around really talking about it.  I do not get treatment, I self treat, luckily not with alcohol or drugs, but with maintaining a routine and keeping myself out of situations that make me anxious.  I would have thought myself that men would be more anxious than women because they have always been expected to carry the weight.  They, at least my whole life, have been the bread winners.  They keep the house standing with repairing things and working on cars to keep the house functioning.  Is it because more women are standing in that role now that makes women more anxious according to statistics?  More women are working and single parenting, etc.


What about society itself and social media, there is a lot of it.  It makes it very hard to keep up with the Jones when you see it all over Facebook and Instagram.  Is the grass really greener on the other side?  Are we jealous or envious of what everyone else has or does?  Can that cause us to be anxious?  I was listening to the radio last night, can’t remember which show it was but was one of the Mojo shows, and they were talking about how the amount of likes someone can get on a picture can cause a meltdown.  People strive to be on top and someone that everyone wants or likes.  They say that “testing has found that using too much internet can cause depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), impulsive disorder, problems with mental functioning, paranoia, and loneliness.”  Are we raising up a whole new generation of highly anxious people?

As you can see there is really no one cause to why we have so much anxiety and there are so many different types.  How do we treat it?  What can we do to prevent it?  Do you get treatment or do you just try to work through it?  They say that only about 36.9% get treatment, is that because of money, can’t afford the treatment or do not want to take a pill if offered?  Are there homeopathic ways to deal with it?  Does yoga help?  Psychiatry?  Which way do you go?  I think that each of us have to find a way to deal with this in the way that it makes us feel better.  What works for me may not work for you.  Am I punishing myself by not going to the mall?  I do not feel like it.  I think there are a lot of ways out there that can help.  Exercise, groups, change diet, various things like that.  I myself hate popping pills, I prefer to try homeopathic ways before doing that, sometimes it works, sometimes not.  I think we are a long ways from finding the answers to our questions on this subject.  They need to legalize marijuana and let people use that also without the worry of passing a drug test.  It has been proven to help in a lot of medical ways.  Lets all smoke a joint together and quiet letting society fuck up our minds and thoughts.





What Happened To Normal?

Who would have thought in the late 60s early 70s we would be talking about transvestites.  The song Lola refers to Lola, a transvestite, who “walked like a woman, but talked like a man.”  Here we are almost 60 years later and some people act as if it is or should be normal.  Since when did people start cleaning out the closet?  Now I wonder if they even go into the closet at all.  We are seeing children being born gender-less, being allowed to choose their gender at a very early age, dressing like the opposite sex, even going to tranny bars and dancing around for money.  What has happened to our society?


As most of you saw this past week apparently Child Services was sent out to Desmond the Amazing’s house for a check.  Apparently they saw no issue with a child 11-years old dancing around dressed like a girl having money thrown at him by adult gay men.  I am sorry but did I miss something?  If the shoe were on the other foot, this was a 11-year old girl dancing in a club with grown men throwing money at her, would this be considered child abuse, pedophile activity, or child porn?  My opinion is YES!!!!

Our children are being perverted by their own parents, pimped out as freaks and this is wrong in so many ways.  We are supposed to protect our children, not put them out there for public display.  What happened to love and guidance?  I think some of these parents are lacking attention for themselves and therefore use their children to get that attention.


I think that what a person does in the privacy of their own home as an adult is their own business as long as it does not hurt me or the rest of the population.  If you want to be gay then do it, but I don’t want to see it, same with being a tranny.  I still have creepy feelings from when I was 18 at a club back in the 80s, whereas a tranny (and back then you could tell a mile away they were) followed me into the bathroom.  Creeped me out.  Keep in the closet people, I do not want to see you making out with someone, I do not want to be hit on by you, I do not want to see it at all.  I don’t make out in public and neither should you.


So back to the children, is it right to put your child in a club, whether it be gay, straight, tranny bar, strip club, or whatever and allow people to treat them as they would a stripper or whatever?  It is child abuse straight up, there is no other word for it.  America has lost its values, we have lost God, no one has morals.  We turn a blind eye to the things that are wrong and/or pull out the video camera and put it out there for all to see.  I don’t know as a parent how anyone could do that to their child.  Those poor children will eventually grow up to regret these things, as will the parents.

They say the suicide rate is high for sex changes and others like this, I hate to think these parents are setting their children up to feel so bad they might do that at some point.  I do not think God makes mistakes, I do not think that children are born boys to supposedly be actually girls, I think you are what you are and whether someone or something in your childhood changed that, it was not God who did it.  This country needs God again, values, morals, and we need to learn right from wrong because all that is wrong now seems to be right and I refuse to accept a wrong being right.


We have boys playing on girls sports teams beating any chance for those girls to get college scholarships all because they are technically boys and physically built different, more muscular, endurance, etc.  We have girls in Boy Scouts.  We have Girl Scouts raising money for abortion.  This country is becoming a jumbled up mess and we all need to pull it back together again to somewhat of a normal.  We need to unlock the closets and put them back in.  It is becoming too normal and our children are being influenced at a early age that this is all normal and it is okay and just be happy and be what you want to be.  Right now I just want to be normal, but I can’t because of all the insanity around me.

Girls will be boys, and boys will be girls
It’s a mixed-up, muddled-up, shook-up world
Except for Lola, lo lo lo lo Lola

Did My Words Hurt Your Feelings?


It is pretty bad when what someone says can hurt someones feelings, but it is even worse when they can try to force you out of fear or law to stop saying it.  What happened to “sticks and stones my break my bones, but words will never harm me?” Just goes along with wearing a MAGA hat that does nothing, but someone can totally flip their lid because your wearing it.  I wish I had a time machine and could go back to the 70s.  Remember the day when you could say something and it really meant what it meant?  Wow how times have changed.  You have to be careful what you say now because someone might not have the same definition as it was originally intended and take offense to it.  Here are a list of now offensive things you cannot say:

Screenshot_2019-03-08 What are examples of politically correct words - Quora

This is not to include anything with man or woman attached like housewife, chairman, salesman, etc.  Even snowman should now be referred to as a snow-person.  Everything has to be equal to both sexes now.  A housewife is now a domestic engineer.  Really?  A Janitor is a sanitation engineer, lol.  Saying something like “your crazy,” “what a retard,” and “your so gay” is now offensive.

Merriam-Webster dictionary says politically correct is “conforming to a belief that language and practices which could offend political sensibilities (as in matters of sex or race) should be eliminated.”  When will it end?  Last time i checked we had freedom of speech, but the PC police are saying we don’t.  Even dead is not dead now, its metabolically challenged.  Don’t be a human ozone depletor; ecologically incorrect expression, in other words, DON’T FART.  You aren’t a girl, you are a pre-woman.  Are you homeless?  No, you are just residentially flexible individual.  A man is a oppressor, a woman is w/o man; womyn.


This is ridiculous.  You are a very over unattractive womyn (woman) who works as a domestic engineer (housewife).  It is like we need to learn the English language all over again.  Sorry, but that is totally a alternative answer (ignorant), but I live in America and I will not be cognitively accommodated (brainwashed) for your factually unencumbered (ignorant) propose strongly (demand) of me to stop speaking normal because of your personalized interpretation (misunderstanding).

You people are destroying the English language and this country and everything that is awesome about it.  You have no respect for heritage, you think everyone should think or be like you, you don’t allow for differences.  I speak how I speak and if you don’t like it you are a nincompoop and need to go live in Korea or some other socialist country.  I live in a country where I can call you a midget if your short, tell you your a retard if your stupid, and a wetback if your illegal and from Mexico and you know what?  You can’t do a damn thing about it.  I call people a salesman and a housewife, your a little girl or little boy, an old man or old woman.  In fact, if your were born a boy or a girl, you are exactly that and I will call you that.  If you like the same sex then your a lesbo, dyke, or a fag, dress like the opposite sex then your a tranny and a weirdo.


Lets just call a spade a spade and tell you that your being too sensitive and need to stop, go find a safe space because in my world you are going to get your feelings hurt and that’s just life.  My son has a jacket that says exactly what I am saying, “Stop being a pussy!”  He got suspended for wearing that to school, teachers said it was “offensive” because of the reference to what they said was the female genitalia, it really means stop whining and being a pussy.  You know what, you need to do?  STOP BEING A PUSSY.



Women Soldiers, Should Women be Forced to Serve?


With all the “equality” going on with women lately, this subject was brought to my attention and after thinking about it, reading about it, and trying to understand it more, I finally decided to write about it.  Women have served in the military throughout history.  As a child learning history, I always remembered the “We Can Do It” or “Rosie the Riviter” picture.  It is an American World War II wartime poster from 1943 that was supposed to be an inspirational image to boost female worker morale.  As many of you know, men went to war, women stayed home and worked in the factories building planes or other wartime things.  Since 1914, women served in various roles during war and it grows all the time.  In the 70s, most armies started letting women serve in active duty in all branches.  There are 9 countries in which women are required to serve, but only a few of those countries allow women to serve actively just like men, Australia, Canada, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

During WWI, it was in warfare efforts.  Everyone contributed in which ever way they could, women in the factories, men fighting overseas.  It was a country effort, you lived here you helped out.  This was the first time in history that women were working together to help with the war.  Upper class women generally stayed home and volunteered organizing things, while middle and lower class women worked  as nurses or in the factories since the men were all gone to war.


WWII, Princess Elizabeth served in the British Army, during the 1940s and a woman named Roza Shanina, who was a Soviet sniper during World War II had 54 confirmed target hits.  They say around 400,000 Soviet women served in the front-line mainly as medics and nurses.  All the major participating countries in WWII enlisted women.  They mainly worked as nurses and in the clerical field, but over 500,000 women had combat roles in anti-aircraft units in Britain and Germany, as well as front-line units in the Soviet Union.


During the Vietnam War there wasn’t much information about women in the military, but the Vietnam Women’s Memorial Foundation estimates that about 11,000 military women were stationed in Vietnam during the conflict, again mainly they were volunteers and only about 90% served as military nurses, physicians, air traffic controllers, intelligence officers, clerks, and other positions in the US Women’s Army Corps, U.S. Navy, Air Force, Marines, and the Army Medical Specialist Corps.  There is no confirmed number of how many civilian women served in Vietnam on behalf of the Red Cross, USO, and other organizations, or various news organizations.  It is said that 59 female civilians died during the Vietnam War.


During the Gulf War in the 90s, about 40,000 American military women were deployed during Desert Shield and Desert Storm, but were not allowed to served in combat. A policy enacted in 1994 prohibited women from assignment to ground combat units below the brigade level.  The reasons of physical demands and privacy policies were a few of the reason.  Among the NATO nations as of mid 70s, women were able to attain military status in the following countries:  Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, the Federal Republic of Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States and there were none required service in United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada where the highest levels of female military presences was achieved.  Canada is very progressive in allowing gender equality in the military.

They say that the call for equal opportunity along with a decline of able-bodied men entering the military persuaded countries to reform their policies regarding women.  With this an opening of submarine service in 2000 allowed women to enlist in any kind of military service they chose.  Even then, the amount of women serving was about 15.3%.


What changes has our military gone through regarding women?  Starting in 1993, about 67% of positions were open to women.  In 2013, 15% out of 1.1 million soldiers in National Guard and the Reserves were held by women in 95% of occupations.  By 2017, 78% Army positions were opened to women, in the Air Force 99%, but they were excluded from particular combat roles.  By 2013 the US stopped the policy saying “no women in units that are tasked with direct combat”.  By 2015 there were 19 women trying to become the first female Army Rangers and had actually passed Ranger School.  Ended up 11 of them dropped out in the first 4 days, out of the remaining 8 there were 3 that were given the option to continue and 2 of them actually graduated in August 2015 and the 3rd graduated in October 2015.  In 2016 all combat jobs were open to women.


Women have been injured, killed, and awarded high honors, 2 women have received the Silver Star, over 10,000 combat action badges have been awarded to women who served in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Women now make up 16% of enlisted forces and 18% of officer corps.


So this all leads me to my original question, should women be included in the Selective Services?  Well part of me says yes and part of me says no.  There are several pros and cons to it.  With all the hoopla about equal rights, I think if you want 100% equality then you need to be equal to have to do what men HAVE to do.  Fair is fair.  It is kind of the thought of be careful what you wish for, you may not like what you get.  But in all fairness that is not every woman out there that is screaming for equal rights.  Most average women just want equality in jobs, pay, and things like that.  Honestly, if I had my choice, I would make all these “feminazi women” have to serve lol but that is just me thinking, hey give them what they ask for.  Wonder how Alyssa would have managed.

Now do I think everyone is cut out for military?  Hell no.  Honestly I don’t think all men are cut out for it either.  I think it is a choice that each person should make for themselves.  For me the pros are it teaches responsibility, teaches respect, I like to think it teaches somewhat of a love and honor for your country.  It gives a great opportunity for a education afterwards.  There are more jobs than just being shot at, there are computer jobs, medical jobs, mechanic jobs, it to me would help lead into possibly what your dream job might be as a civilian.

While the pros are great, I also have my cons.  As I stated already, I do not think everyone is cut out for the military, including men.  I think that it takes a certain person to do that.  Out of my 4 boys, 1 went in, the other 3 did not, and honestly he was prepping for this since he was about 13 being in Civil Air Patrol etc, that was what he wanted to do and it helped him grow as a adult, his wife also served, same MOS as him, but when it came to going to Afghanistan it was more or less a option for her.  She stayed back and worked in the hanger, he went there and worked in the hanger.  Point is they both grew into awesome people who learned a lot from their experiences in the military.


Now this is part of my mentality on saying yes EVERYONE should be forced to register and if we do go to war and if a draft happens, should be forced to fight for our country, it stems from the fact that the generation that has grown up over the past, say 20 years seem to be spoiled, disrespectful, hateful, arrogant, uneducated (history-wise) brats.  The part of me that can’t stand these little jerks says “hell yeah, send their asses to the military, let them straighten their asses out, teach them some respect.”  But then that also leads me back to not ALL of that generation are like that.  I think its just that we hear more about and from them than we do the normal logical kid.  Besides that, who is honestly to say that even drafting them or forcing them to serve would make them normal, they are so rebellious they might actually turn sides and go against their own country, besides rebellion seems to be their things.

I think back when I was a child, honestly, knowing what I know now, I would have definitely signed up, I think the military would have done me a lot of good and I think my life would have taken a different road from there.  What it all boils down to is, out of all my kids I have no daughter, but I do have friends who have daughters and some of them serve(d) by choice, others grew into awesome girls or are growing into awesome girls without going in the military.  I think that if you as a person chooses that life then go for it, I think all options should be opened for women as are for men, if you want to combat then you should be allowed, whereas if you choose another route out of the war zone then that should be a option also, but I would not want to see any of my friends daughters or my granddaughter be forced to fight, especially where there are other ways to serve your country without going to war, remember Rosie the Riveter.

It all boils down to one thing, whether you are man or woman, if you are or were willing to lay your life on the line for this country and our freedom, then I totally 100% honor and respect you for what you did and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


And the Award Goes to…. Jussie Smollett


We all heard about the horrible racist crime against actor Jussie Smollett, then we heard about the real story behind it.  Sadly this is not the first time this has happened that someone has done something against themselves to point the blame at someone else.  It happens probably daily by unknown people, ex-wives/ex-husbands, children against parents, rape accusations, and I am sure I could keep going but well you get the jist of it.  Why would someone do this?  What is the motive behind such things?  What is the gain?


Lets break this down step by step.  January 22, Jussie claims to get a threatening letter about his homosexuality and includes a white powder, later found to be pain medication.  January 29, at around 2 a.m. he was supposedly attacked by 2 men with mask, carrying bleach, and a noose, yelling “this is MAGA country.”  Okay, my logic went out the window at that point, did yours?  He had gone to subway at 2 am in horrible weather and 2 men wearing MAGA hats just happened to know this and got the bleach and noose ready to attack him…. hmmm.  I just couldn’t allow myself to believe that crap.

To top this all off, he went to some place, not sure if it was home or someone else’s home, but regardless, he waits a few hours before contacting the police about said incident and supposedly didn’t even realize there was a noose around his neck, all the while with bleach (or some other substance) on his body, mind you if this was really bleach it would have been burning like a mofo.  A few hours later, I think it was his manager, called the police and reported the said crime.  The police look for video surveillance video of the said crime, ask him for his phone (he said he was on the phone when the attack occurred) to which he refused to turn over his phone, that is totally a act of guilt in my opinion, I mean you want them to catch them but you are standing in the way of the investigation.


February 14, two men are in custody, but who are these two men, are they white, are they Trump supporters as he claimed?  No they aren’t, they are in fact, they are Nigerian brothers Ola and Abel Osundairo, one of which was a costar or guest start on Empire, the other Jussie’s gym coach.  By the 15 these two “persons of interest” were released based on “new evidence.”   What was that evidence you ask?  Police started suspecting that Jussie created this whole incidence, and by the 20th he becomes a suspect.  At that point, Jussie is charged with felony disorderly conduct.  Apparently he paid these two men to attack him.  Meanwhile he still maintains his innocence.  By the 21st, what does he do?  Well he turns himself in, meanwhile he has wasted time and effort of the police department and tax payer money.


Meanwhile all these people who came to his rescue tweeting various things about how horrible this crime is, how it just proves MAGA and Trump people are nothing more than racist, killers, and haters.  This will not be tolerated.  What happened when they found out the whole thing was a hoax?  Well what they do best, they deleted their tweets (guess they don’t know that once it hits the internet its there for life).


So why is it when Judge Kavanaugh was accused of rape, no one jumped on the Twitter bandwagon for him, why was he guilty til proven innocent, but yet Jussie created this whole thing and everyone jumped on the poor Jussie Twitterwagon?  Because he was black, gay, and a liberal.  You see, liberals can do anything they want, accuse anyone they want, ruin as many lives as they want and get away with it because not only do they praise their own, but the media also backs them.


Did you hear about the Jewish men attacked in January?  On the 29th (same night as Jussie’s attack) a Jewish man was beaten by three men, two weeks before that a 19-year old Jewish man was attacked.  In December, a 16-year old Jewish teen was put in the hospital, beaten by bullies.  If you read the tweets by the mainstream talking about how bad what happened to Jussie was, then why were these three attacks not covered at all, why did Jussie’s hoax get so much attention?  Because they were just three unknown Jewish Americans who were attacked and not worthy of the same attention as Jussie.


Why aren’t Trump supporters that are beaten and attacked almost daily not getting any time on the news?  Well I will tell you why… If the news covered all the hate crime going on against Trump supporters, they would have to admit that the hate is on the left side, not the right.  That Trump supporters are not instigating attacks on blacks, gays, illegals, or anyone else, we mind our own business and bitch about it in a normal adult way (like on here).  We do what we are supposed to do, we go out and vote, we make our voice heard, we peacefully protest, but we do not infringe on anyone else’s right to do the same.  We do not physically hurt people who do not feel the same as us.  I have had so many people delete me because of my political views but have yet to delete one person for being a Bernie or Hillary supporter, anti-gun, pro-abortion, etc., that is their right.

I do not understand why we are the ones that are accused of being haters, being abusive to others, being racist.  I couldn’t care less what sex you are, what sex you sleep with, what color you are, where you are from, anything else about you, its your right to make those choices for yourself.  But to blame me for your issues and to lie and be deceitful to act as if I or someone else attacked, raped, or tried to kill you just to get more attention for your cause, that is just wrong.  Honestly I think it is time we punish people who are doing these things.  There are too many people out there throwing accusations around and nothing happens to them.  It is time to set an example and hold them up to the laws.  It is time for Time and Punishment for those who break the law, no matter who you are.


Whose Offended Today?


Do you suffer from “Trump derangement syndrome?”  Do you need your safe space?  Well I say grow up.  I grew up in the day when you said what you want and moved on, sorry if it offends you but hey you’ll live.  Why is it now in the 2019s that people literally go nuts when they hear or see something that offends them?  I don’t mean something worth going nuts over, like starving veterans, child abuse, abuse in general, or homelessness, but stupid shit that has to do with the differences in beliefs.


Lets talk about some of these offenses.  Back in the days it was okay to buy a bumper sticker representing who you voted for, place it on your car, no worries.  No need to worry about your car being vandalized or maybe even some road rage.  Put a Trump sticker on your car now your libel to be run off the road or hell even killed.  Why?  Its a difference in choices.  I choose Donald Trump as my President, you choose Hillary or Bernie.  Its 8 years, face it accept it and move on.  I had to tolerate 8 years of Obama, but yet you did not hear of people dying because they voted for him.  He destroyed this country but yet we did the adult thing, we voted, we tried to protect our country as well as we could, but we did not run people off the road, pull guns on them, or just flat out beat them for it.

How about owning a gun or supporting guns.  We are all murderers because of the fact that we support the 2nd Amendment.  Sorry people but I own a gun, my gun has never killed anyone, nor have I.  I am not supporting murder, robbery, or rape.  In fact, I feel if you owned a gun those things would not happen.  The more people that own a gun, the less criminals would think about robbing or murdering out of fear that they would get killed themselves.   You want to take my guns, your going to have to kill me first.

Why are people so offended by Christianity now?  This country was basically built on it.  What makes Christianity so bad?  Oh yeah, it contradicts your right to be a man or woman, or hell even a damn tree.  It contradicts your right to kill a baby because you fucked up.  Keep your damn legs together and use your damn head, hell give a blowjob and swallow, but to kill a innocent baby because your a fuck up and don’t give a shit, well that is not the baby’s fault.  Your wanting to have an abortion is offensive to me, but hey you do not see me attacking you for your choice.  Funny how most of you will feel sorry for a Muslim but yet they hate you if your not Muslim, they want to kill you, don’t see you being offended by that though.  Might better jump off a building before they throw you off.


You can’t even joke about anything anymore, everyone is offended.  OMG cry me a farkin river.  Blonde jokes, fat jokes, mama jokes, mexican jokes, black jokes, white jokes, its all offensive to someone, but it has been for all my life and it always will be, difference is back years ago we just laughed (or not) and moved on, we didn’t have a tantrum and cry about it or beat someone up.  It was funny then and is still funny, you just don’t get the damn joke stupid (go ask someone to explain it to you).

When is the last time you were looking at clothes and thought, “hmmmm I might better not buy that because I might offend someone?”  I never did years ago, but now maybe we should, you might not be able to buy groceries wearing it because someone is going to cry and pitch a fit and have you kicked out.  Working out in a gym wearing a Trump shirt, don’t do it, someone will hate you for it and get you in trouble.  Don’t wear a red hat much less one that says MAGA on it, someone will accuse you of being a racist murdering asshole and the news will run with it and ruin your life.  Don’t carry any bleach around and a noose, and please don’t yell “Its MAGA country,” oh wait, that will land you in jail for filing a false report.


I have a lot of conservative views, does that offend you?  I am so sorry my conservatism gives me morals, at least more morals than you.  Don’t hate me because I’m right.  I believe in you having the freedom to think what you think, be what you want to be, and do what you want and I won’t do a thing to you for doing it, I just don’t want to see it on every TV show or news program out there.  I don’t like PDA either, I really couldn’t care less if your gay, straight, or a tree, I don’t want to see it, but do I attack you when your sucking on each others faces?  No.  I bitch about it on here lol

So what things offend you?  Do you jump up and down and cry, scream, hit someone, try to kill them?  I am offended every single day.  I get offended by shows, comics, people out in public, drivers, etc.  Grow up people, we live in America, it is our freedom to like and dislike what we choose to without infringing on what you like or dislike.  There is enough room for all of us.  Stop being offended.

this says it best, got it here:

“You’ll offend someone if you like Donald Trump, but you’ll also offend someone if you hate Donald Trump.

You’ll offend someone if you’re a feminist, but also offend someone if you’re not a feminist.

You’ll offend someone if you’re a vegan, but also offend someone if you’re not a vegan.

You’ll offend someone by assuming gender roles, like, paying for the meal, making the meal, corporate jobs versus manual labor jobs, and who wears “the pants” in the household.

You can offend someone if you don’t assume these things.”

Do we not have enough other more serious things to be offended by.  Our country is falling apart.  We have starving people, homeless people, physically ill people who are being totally ignored by our offensiveness.  That should offend you more than anything.  It totally offends me that our government cares more about illegals than our starving homeless Vets.  These people gave up their lives to protect us but get nothing in return for what they did.  We have children being stolen right underneath our noses and being put out in child pornography or child sex, but yet you care more about the children in other countries.  We are Americans we should care about our children, they are our future.  This breaks my heart to hear it.  What about the homeless people, families sleeping in cars.  We should be helping them before helping families that come over here illegally and get our money.  These homeless Americans should get help not them.

I honestly believe our priorities are gone out the window.  We no longer care about our own, but care about others, illegals specifically.  While you are crying because someone wore a Trump hat, a child is crying somewhere because it is hungry.  I say take your offended attitude and shove it up your dignity.  Help your own before you cry about others.  Maybe you should go there and help them and quit crying about a President who is trying to make this country great and trying to help those who need help here, in America.  Now if i did not offend you enough, please let me know, I will try harder next time.