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Don’t Drink the Cool-Aid

I am sure most of you have heard of the Jonestown Massacre, but did you know that some of the people tied to Jim Jones are in the White House today?  Try Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi.  Well for those of you who do not know what the Jonestown Massacre is, I will tell you, sorry this will take a few minutes.

On November 18, 1978, yes that’s in 2 more days, 40 years ago, there was a mass murder-suicide that happened in Jonestown, Guyana, in South America.  This was over 900 people (300 were age 17 and younger) who drank the cool-aid all for a leader named Jim Jones.  This is still to date the largest mass deaths in America.   Why you ask, well I will tell you.

Jim Jones opened a church in the 1950s in Indiana, very racially integrated, and they called themselves the Peoples Temple and were part of the Disciples of Christ Church.  In the 1960s Jim and his wife started up one in California and 100 followers at that time.  They felt moving to California would protect them in the event of a nuclear holocaust.  By 1970 they had started one up to San Fransisco, then by 1972 in Los Angeles.  He had lots of political friends and most of his congregation was black.  He claimed he could read minds and did faith healing.

They were involved in a lot of humanitarian causes, he was a very evil and mean man, treated his congregation very, very badly.  they were often humiliated, beaten, blackmailed, many were brainwashed to sign over their homes to “the church.”  These people were convinced if they left him the government would collect them up and put them in concentration camps.


Eventually he became so big and a lot of questions were being asked about him and his congregation of followers.  In 1977 he moved hundreds of followers to Guyana.  He had been building this camp for a few years now and felt it was time to start heading there.  Now just to let you know, Guyana is a very remote area, water was far away, the land wasn’t even good enough to grow food in.  They Guyana government allowed them to move there and be self sustained, self governed and basically they would stay out of their business.


Enters Leo Ryan, November 17.  This was a US Congressman, who was sent over there to investigate the Jonestown people.  The government in the US had heard rumors of abuse and people being held against their will and was sent to check it out.  While over there, he was screamed and yelled at while at the same time a few people begged to come back to the US.  He agreed to bring back whoever wanted to come back.  At the airstrip where they were to fly out of, 5 people, including Ryan and 3 members of the press, were shot and killed, and 11 others were wounded, meanwhile, Jones released radio orders for other temple members to commit suicide.  They had been practicing a suicide plan for a while now and knew what to do, they would all drink juice with cyanide in it, while putting it in the babies and smaller children’s mouths with a syringe, while Jones shot himself.  Less than 100 of the members actually survived the group suicide, they were people who had actually left the group that day.  Officials discovered firearms, hundreds of passports, and $500,000 US dollars, millions of dollars were deposited in overseas accounts.  The group disbanded and filed bankruptcy in 1978.


Now I am sure you are wondering what Pelosi and Feinstein have to do with this.  Enter the California Democrats.  During the 1970s, both of them were part of the powerful political machine that was controlled by a liberal part of the “powerhouse” Democratic Party.  This group controlled the San Francisco area and demanded unwavering loyalty from anyone who sought political office.  Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi were only a few of the leaders of the group.  Pelosi had become the state Democratic Party chairman for northern California came from San Francisco, but one name is usually stricken from the record whenever this group is mentioned, guess who……Jim Jones.

They were all friends with him and all Democrats.  Apparently they all loved him cause of his influence on his group to vote for who he said to get who he wanted in.  He had a lot of influence within the Democratic party, he befriended them, he did favors for them, and then he blackmailed them to keep them doing what he wanted.  Once you met him you could not leave him.  Imagine, a man who could tell over 900 people to kill themselves, what do you think he could do when it comes to leading a party and the people to build that party up to do what he wanted.  They have covered this up, obviously not very well as it is beginning to come out now.  Makes you wonder if Pelosi and Feinstein are where they are now because of Jones, he was there at the beginning of their political careers and they were friends.


Feinstein might have possibly even committed murder also, but that’s probably going to have to be another blog.  I will say that “the Feinstein murders,” as they are called elevated Feinstein to becoming Mayor of San Francisco, eventually Senator of California, and made her a very, very wealthy woman, but this is obviously not proven, so who knows if it is true or not.

So anyway, just remember, everyone gets a start somewhere, someone influences and lends a hand to someone who is headed up top, someone in control.  Power is a scary thing.  Now that you know who assisted these people and influenced them, hopefully you won’t drink the cool-aid.

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