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I hope you don’t drive like you walk

I go walking, usually twice a day at a outside mall across the street from me, once in the morning before it opens (no one to bother me) and once in the evening before it closes (people in and out of stores and walking around).  It is a popular walking area, wide sidewalks and made sorta like a circle.  I will never understand people who cannot walk correctly.  To me, you should walk as if you are driving, you walk on the right side same as driving.  I tend to have this issue quite a bit while walking, while at the grocery store, while going through doors (someone always exiting the entrance).  To me it is a habit of walking in the same manner that I drive.  You should also be aware of your surroundings, whose walking around you, whose exiting, entering, stopping to talk, and lets not forget someone who might want to do you harm.

Tonight while walking I feel like I was doing a dance so to speak, occasionally dodging people, weaving in and out, etc.  It isn’t fun and becomes very tiring.  This couple, apparently so into each other that they were not paying attention to what was going on around them, exited a store then proceeded to stand there staring at each other (right as we approached that store).  Now I am not against being all mushy and in love in public (as long as your not sucking each others faces off), but dammit, pay attention.   We were coming towards the store, had a little speed going, when they came out of the store.  We do not walk close to the walls or doors, there is always plenty of room for someone to exit a store and stand there or whatever (at least look to see if anyone is walking towards them).  We almost had to come to a complete stop.  Then they took each others hand and started to walk, same direction as we were going, only really really really slow and in the middle kind of side-to-side, so we had to squeeze around them to get our speed back up.  The whole time, they did not even seem aware of us at all, it was like they were in their own world and we didn’t exist.

Then after walking we ran across the street to the grocery store.  It wasn’t busy, just a quiet night.  Now I don’t know about you, but when I go, I have a route I take, I go through and hit those spots only and get out of there, and I don’t ever hit all the aisles.  So anyway, I go to get my son some hotdogs in the back of the store and there is a man just standing there with a buggy right in front of where I needed to get.  He wasn’t even looking at the hotdogs, but just parked there sideways staring into space.  He was facing me, sorta, I could see his face.  I stood there a sec figuring he would see me, but he didn’t, so I said “excuse me” and he finally moves out of the way after hesitating like I was bothering him.  Why didn’t he see me?  Do people not have peripheral vision anymore?  Can you not see out of the corner of your eye when something is moving or walking up to where you are?

It irritates the snot out of me that people just don’t pay attention to their surroundings, to the other people who are also sharing the same space as them.  If you are going to stand somewhere then find a spot where it is not in the way of others so people can maneuver around you, or at least where they can see things or look for what they might be looking for.  I see too many people who put the buggy in front of one thing then walk across to stand and look at what they are thinking about buying.  Really?  So your taking up all that space when you don’t even know what your going to get.  Stand with your buggy and look at things and if you see someone coming that might want something where your buggy is you can move out of the way along with your buggy.

Oh and a few days ago there was this man walking beside his buggy.  Come on, you are taking up space where 2 people can walk.  The handles on the buggy are on the back of it not the sides (I believe for a REASON), so get back there.  I can’t even go around you at this point, you are basically in the other lane.  Oh and lets don’t forget the people who literally walk down the middle of a aisle, then when you get close to them they go the total opposite of what they would if they were driving.

All I am asking for is people to pay more attention to those around them, be considerate, think to yourself, am I in someones way that might need something where I am just standing.  I am so ready to turn it into bumper buggies next time someone is in  my way and not paying attention, just saying 🙂